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Field Test Of Grapholita Molesta Sex Pheromone Synthesised Using Phase Transfer Catalytic Method

Posted on:2014-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2253330401989361Subject:Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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The oriental Fruit Moth. Grapholita molesta (Busck)(Lepidoptera, Tortricidae), is a cosmopolitan pest and now widely distributed throughout the fruit-growing areas of North China. G. molesta attacks almost pears, peaches and apples. Because the prolonged use of insecticides for control of G. molesta often have undesirable effects, such as threatening non-target organisms, polluting the environment, and increasing the potential for development of resistance, as an alternative to such pesticides, control mechanisms based on insect sex pheromones hold great potential as a tool for pest management. However, Due to the relatively complex chemical composition and structure of insect pheromone, G. molesta sex pheromone is synthesized by our laboratory, which may lead the higher cost and thus difficult promotion. Hence, it is important to synthesize G. molesta sex pheromone and estimate its application in the field.This study was based on the Wittig reaction, synthesized the main component of the OFM sex pheromone (Z8-12:OH, Z8-12:Ac and E8-12:Ac) by phase transfer catalysis technology. The reaction time, amount of catalyst, and other conditions were researched by orthogonal experiment to explore the cost-efficient OFM pheromone technology. The results showed that:for the0.02mol Wittig reaction system, the reflux reaction time is18h, the amount of catalyst is0.02g, quaternary phosphonium salt and n-butyraldehyde molar ratio is1:1, solvent benzene content is50ml. After the optimization of the conditions, yield60%, the synthesis process was improved, and the cost of synthesis was reduced.The isotropic experiment was conducted using independently synthesized G. molesta sex pheromone during the peak periods of G. molesta infestation in this region, at the farm of Beiwang town committee, in the county of Taigu county, Shanxi province, China. The whole test plot was divided into experimental plots and the quarantine plots, and75dispensers were placed in667m2. Five dose treatments included1mg/uni、2mg/unit、4mg/unit、6mg/unit and8mg/unit. The results showed that isotropic effect of6mg/unit was significantly higher than other doses and90.8%-93.2%males were disrupted, thus reducing G. molesta population.Those results revealed that the optimum dose of G. molesta sex pheromone in the field. Also. we developed two dispensers releasing sex pheromone based on different materials and adhesives and field trials showed that these new products were cheap, low cost and effective isotropic.
Keywords/Search Tags:Grapholita molesta, Sex pheromone, Phase transfer catalysis, synthesis, Dose, Dispenser
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