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An Archaeological Research On Qijia Jades

Posted on:2013-11-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330371980080Subject:Archaeology and Museology
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Qijia Culture,one of archaeological cultures in the Northwest China,is famous ofits jades.The jades of Qijia Culture have an important reference value to the studieswhich include Qijia Cultural features, Development Process,and the relationships withperipheral archaeological cultures.This paper has taken a systematic introduction andanalysis of Qijia cultural jades,and attempt on jade as breakthrough to open themystical veil of the culture.The whole thesis consists of5parts:Part1: Exordium.First,the part mainly introducts the general situation about jadeof Qijia Culture,including the distribution regions,ages, unearth conditions and soon.And then,I summarized and analysised the former research achievements,pointingout the research directions and writing significance inorder to take further analysis.Part2:Basic material. I take a introduction of all cultural relics includingunearthed relics and the product handed down from ancient times.The former hasbeen expounded by different areas and sites,the latter only has been roughlyintroducted as its quantity is less.Part3:Classification.Firstly,Qijia cultural jades can be divided into ritualvessels,ornaments,tools and so on.Every kind of jades can be analysed witharchaeology typology method.Part4: The Research on Correlative Problems. The part mainly discusses theresearch on related issues that consists of cultural partitions,origins,disseminations,techniques.Above all,Qijia Culture is divided into west area,middlearea and east area by grasping the distributing patterns of the featured jades and thedifference of combination. In each region,there are respective and specifiedcharacteristics.And through it,I compared the surrounding archaeological cultureswith Qijia Culture in Features, analysising and forecasting the relationship between the two aspects.At last,I explain the processing technology jades of Qijia cultural,andmake sure the method is cutting jades with stone flake as well as drilling with awl andtubular,so find out microscopic and conspicuous feathers about Qijia cultural jades.Part5: Conclusion.Summary of all the paper and point out insufficient.
Keywords/Search Tags:Qijia Culture, Jade, Partition, Headstream, technology
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