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A Report On Chinese Translation Of Introduction To Landscape Architecture Projects

Posted on:2014-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330425490424Subject:English translation
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As environmental protection and environmental-friendly awareness has been raised increasingly, the concept of green architecture has been widely accepted among the profession of architects in the world. To utilize natural resources properly and effectively so as to lead a harmonious life with nature, such philosophy of design has rooted in the heart of many architects. Meanwhile, some well-known architecture companies introduced their projects in an effort to spread the device of green and environmental-friendly architecture. In consideration of its design concept, Landscape Architecture, as a unique art of architecture, integrates the feature of natural scenery, artificial scenes and artistic architecture in many aspects. It has not only adjusted to the trend of development in environmental protection, but also it can often create a "useful, aesthetic, safe and enjoyable" living environment.This translation practice report mainly concerns Chinese translation of introduction to ten projects of Landscape Architecture, which includes some overseas and domestic construction projects. The original text has been analyzed according to Katharina Reiss’ text typology and Christiane Nord’s theory of textual functions, and it can be confirmed that as a typical non-literary text it is featured by integrating distinctive characteristics of "expressive, informative and operative" texts and being inclusive of these three textual functions. In aiming at advertising and introduction, such type of text, with its feature of publicity, is very suitable to the adoption of semantic translation and communicative translation through a descriptive analysis of its syntactic structure, text type and pragmatic functions. Due to their unique features and vantage of these two translation methods, some sentences and paragraphs in the original text are more semantic or communicative in the process of translation, and moreover the translated text in Chinese is more readable and similar to the original text in reading effect by the overlapping use of semantic translation and communicative translation, which ensures fidelity, expressiveness and elegance in the target language.The Chinese translation of introduction to ten projects of Landscape Architecture is obvious of its transdisciplinary features and it is inevitable for the translator to encounter many difficulties during the process of translation practice. In order to be a responsible translator and meet quality requirements for the translated text, these tough problems tried to be tackled by consulting various translation books and materials from relevant resources. Finally, through this tentative practice of English to Chinese translation, the translator has paid much more attention to the details in the process of translation and profoundly realized that it is not only readable, accurate and also elegant as reading the translated text. Therefore it inspired the translator to take a new perspective on translation itself from the view of analyzing text type of the original text and keep unremitting pursuit of fidelity and beauty in the translated text.
Keywords/Search Tags:Landscape Architecture, Text Typology, Semantic Translation, Communicative Translation, Non-literary Translation
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