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A Study Of The Ideological Problems In The Disintegration Of The Soviet Union

Posted on:2019-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548494898Subject:Marxist theory
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The rapid development of the scientific revolution has pushed humanity into a new information period in the current world.On the one side,with the deeply increasing of economic globalization,cultural exchanges between countries have become more frequent.This will inevitably bring conflicts in ideological culture on a global scale.On the other side,with revolution of the economy society of our country,people's ideas and values have diversified greatly.In this circumstance,the ideology of our Party not only faces the serious threat of hostile forces from West named “peaceful evolution”,but also faces the severe challenges caused by the emergence of the Internet and new media.Therefore,how to absorb the historical lessons of the ideological mistakes from the Soviet Union and consolidate the Marxism's ideology has become a huge problem.It not only relates to the consolidation of our party,but also cares about the future and destiny of reform and opening up and the modernization of socialism with Chinese characteristics.This article uses several methods including literature research methods,historical research methods,comparative research methods,start from the interpretation of the basic theory of socialist ideology,analyzes the historical background and manifestations of ideological mistakes during the process of the Soviet Union disintegration and explains problems including the fuzziness of guiding theory,the loss of ideals and beliefs,the liberalization of political fields and the loss of control of media public opinion in the Soviet Union.In this case,the reasons for the ideological mistakes of the Soviet Union and its profound influence on the process of the Soviet Union's disintegration are discussed.The main reasons for the collapse of the Soviet socialist ideology can be summarized as 4 points: the long-term adherence to dogmatism,the loss of ideological leadership,the loss of the Communist Party's belief in socialism,and the implementation of the peace-evolving strategy from the West.The mistakes of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in ideology leave deep lessons for the socialist countries.As the largest socialist country in the world,during the process of building socialism with Chinese characteristics,Our party must propagandize the scientific characteristics of Marxism,clarify all kinds of criticisms,and innovate with times to consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in China's ideology;Our party must strengthen its leadership over ideology,firmly grasp the dominance of news media,ensure the fundamental orientation of news media,effectively respond to the challenges from Internet.The whole party must improve the ideological security,seal the penetration of Western ideology and constantly guard against the ideological penetration of Western hostile forces;We must vigorously develop the socialist economy,raise people's living standards,and consolidate the material foundation of our country's socialist ideology.In this way,we can enhance the ideological affinity and cohesion of our country and avoid repeating the mistakes of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Keywords/Search Tags:Collapse of the Soviet Union, Ideology, Peaceful Evolution
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