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The Study Of The Urban Management Officers’Occurational Stress-Take Chengdu Jinniu Law Enforcement Bureau As Research Target

Posted on:2013-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L P YuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330398976120Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the urbanization, urban management emerges and shoulders the duty of City Sanitation and Order Management. The effective law enforcement has solved initially such mechanism problems as multiple administrations,repeated penalty and harassment to the citizens in executing the law. However, when cases of violent enforcement of the officers and violent resistance from the peddlers keep emerging and city management becomes a hot issue of social dispute and public opinion, the city inspectors face tremendous pressure of work, are subject to severe physical and mental challenges.This paper takes the daily work of urban management cases of Jinniu Law Enforcement Bureau as an example. Through questionnaires and interviews of empirical research methods combination of work-related stress theories, this paper explored due to low utilization of social support and few feed back bring out the pressure of low professiona lidentity, the heavy workload, role ambiguity and conflict pressure with law enforcement functions generalization. Due to the limited professional ability lead to low self-efficacy, the city inspectors are generally faced with more work pressure, especially the work stressors mainly from the occupation itself, and different in the context of urban management and law enforcement officers face job stress varied significantly. Thus, in the context of the Central Government vigorously promotes the scientific development conception, focusing on people’s livelihood, to build a harmonious society, we need to propose the "people-oriented" conception to both of the executive relative and city inspectors. Administrative system in China is not a sound environment, I believe that through legislation in the specification, rationalize the relationship between Central and Local, and improving the institutional environment at the same time, establishing sound incentive and restraint mechanisms, treatment and safeguard mechanisms for city inspectors and building staff education and training systems we can improve urban management and law enforcement officers compression ability and job performance, and thus to contribute to building a harmonious society.
Keywords/Search Tags:city inspector, occupational stress, stressors, stress management
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