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Research On The Construction Of The Public Service System On Fushun Jimshan Community

Posted on:2014-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401466983Subject:Public administration
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The result of economic and social sustainable development is of increasing socialtown.Withe the deepening of urbanization construction,community is more and moreimportant in it,so does the community residents demands.As a comprehensive publicinfrastructure indispensable to the broad masses of the people in daily life,thecommunity has been promote residents to participate in the autonomousservice,adjustment and improvement of social relation,reduce conflicts,seek communityneeds and community resources effectively,prevent social problems such as theimportant responsibility,is cutting-edge “maximum of social creativity isstimulated,harmonious factor increases,not harmonious factors minimize”the importantstrength,but also the implementation of basic unit social management and the mostimportant carrier.General Secretary hu Jintao has pointed that “should be based onsocial harmony and stability as a breakthrough to further improve the scientific level ofthe social management, and further improve the social management pattern". Therefore,community research has important theoretical and practical significance to the livingstandards of residents, the level of employment, social harmony and resolving socialcontradictions, etc..In this paper, the construction of the Fushun County community public servicesystem study related issues. Based on field investigation of Jinshan community inFushun County, master state of Fushun Jinshan community public service systemconstruction, then the typical analysis, to analyze the main problems. Further, throughhistorical research, policy analysis and combined with the research results, according tothe three aspects of health services, residents autonomy and public security managementto analyze the reasons and put forward countermeasures. Finally, puts forward tostrengthen the construction of Fushun County community public service system policyrecommendations.First of all, combined with the Fushun Jinshan community investigation, analysis andselection of representative community-based public service system construction, andthen analyzes the typical problems. Through the summary of domestic and foreignconstruction of community service development, analysis of the typical construction ofJinshan public service system of community, find out the existing problems in threeaspects of construction of Jinshan public service system of community health services, mainly in the residential autonomy and public security management, and analyze thespecific performance in three aspects.Secondly, respectively on the construction of Jinshan community public servicesystem of three typical problems are targeted research. With the development ofcommunity health services in history, in view of the existing problems in the Jinshancommunity, community health service, deeply analyze the reasons and put forward thecorresponding countermeasures; combined with the community inhabitant autonomydevelopment history, the Jinshan community inhabitant autonomy participationproblems, in-depth analysis and put forward the measures of improvement; thecombination of community public safety management development history, the Jinshancommunity social security level is not the higher the problem, analyze reasons anddifficulties and put forward relevant measures.Finally, with the analysis on the results of Jinshan and construction of communitypublic service system of typical problems, and further summarizes the construction ofthe Fushun County community public service system of the enlightenment, andproposed to enhance the level of the construction of the Fushun County communitypublic service system policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Community, Community public service, The community medical servicecenter, Residents of autonomy, Public safety
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