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Research On Xinjiang Urban-rural Integration Development

Posted on:2014-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330422958177Subject:Human Geography
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Urban-rural integration is a new stage of the process of urbanization. Partyeighteen big put forward about the importance of ensuring and improving people’slivelihood, laying heavy paints a picture of the people’s livelihood developmenthappy picture. The report notes:“improving people’s material and cultural life level,it is the fundamental goal of reform, opening up and socialist modernization”.Urban-rural integration is the future for a period of the main problems in theeconomic and social development in our country, is also solve the contradictionbetween urban and rural development in our country, the only way to narrow the gapbetween urban and rural development. Xinjiang is located in the northwest frontier inChina, is located in the northwest inland economic less developed areas, urban andrural dual structure is obvious, although the level of agricultural production of wholexinjiang farmers increase, but due to the bad natural environment and infrastructurein xinjiang and backward mode of production, farmers accounts for a big proportionof the population, increasing the income of rich ability and the path is limited, Thisarticle through studies in other parts of the urban-rural integration at home andabroad for reference, the practical experience, combining the reality of xinjiang, thenresearching the related development countermeasure and the suggestion, for theintegration of urban and rural areas of xinjiang.The whole thesis is divided into five chapters, the first chapter proposed thexinjiang urban and rural integration of the research background, research status andresearch significance; The second chapter is the concept of urban-rural integrationrelated theory, and the integration of urban and rural development of domestic andforeign relevant theory; The third chapter is the level of urban-rural integrationdevelopment in xinjiang and some restricting factors analysis; Fourth chapter isabout xinjiang urban-rural integration development level evaluation index systemand using the entropy method to do the integration of urban and rural development inxinjiang; The fifth chapter is about urban-rural development of xinjiang analyzed therestricting factors and dynamic mechanism. The last part puts forward thedevelopment countermeasures of the integration of countryside with city in xinjiang.Through the above analysis and elaboration, hope to be able to provide a referencefor accelerating the integration of urban and rural areas of xinjiang.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xinjiang, Urban and rural integration, Development countermeasures
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