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To Raise Research Institution System Reform In Our Country

Posted on:2013-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330371465004Subject:Public Management
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From the 1970s, in the background of globalization, informationization and international competition, western countries faced to financial, management and confidence crisis. They was queried the traditional mode of pubic administration which is based on bureaucracy and asked to reform it. With the above conditions, a new pubic management theory was developed, it is called "the new public management theory". This theory depended on economics, business administration, policy analysis etc. It took a new way to make a government reform system.The new public management theory changed the research topic, range, methods, structure, foundation and experience mode of the traditional, displayed a trend of public management and a achievement of public management research. It made a deep influence to west and developing countries’government. To the Chinese self-supporting institution reform, the new public management theory apply useful methods too:The first, makes a wide view of self-supporting institution reform. The second, Chinese self-supporting institution reform is in accordance with the new public management theory in marketing orientation. The third, the method of enterprise management in the new public management theory is a valuable experience to Chinese self-supporting institution reform.Self-supporting institution reform is a important, hard and significant reform of Chinese institution reform. Research and analyse problems which exist in Chinese self-supporting institution is meaningful to the institution to rebuilt a new structure to fit for the market and make more profit.This thesis including four parts. The first part including the reasons of topic choice, thesis target and significance. It summarize the existing theory of institution reform. The second part analysed the new public management theory and found meaningful methods to Chinese self-supporting institution reform. The third part analysed the problems existed in Chinese self-supporting institution and tried to find ways to resolve them. The fourth part combined the new public management theory and Chinese self-supporting institution reform problems, tried to use the new theory to guide Chinese self-supporting institution reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:self-supporting institution, the new public management theory, system, reform
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