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Study On Risk Control About Military Introducing The Third Party Logistics Into Materiel Management

Posted on:2014-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330425465481Subject:Industrial Engineering
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The strategic backside warehouse is a base of reserve, keeping, supplying militaryequipment, also an important guarantee for troops fighting force. During the Gulf War, theU.S. military warehouse could send a lot of material timely and accurate, thanks to itsmodern information management systems and automated material transfer and scientificmanagement mode, that greatly improving fast recharge capability and combat troops thefighting. In order to meet the demand for new technology war, our military presents thelogistical support socialization, then the intervention of third-party is an important means forlogistical support socialization. The involvement of third-party logistics support is animportant means of socialization. At present, the army has been introduced a few militarywarehouse behind third-party logistics contractor, but the lack of its relevant theoreticalresearch and practical experience, third-party logistics in the army are not yet formed acertain scale, did not achieve the expected results, existing the risk on political, economic,cultural and other aspects. With the military logistics socialization propose new ideas as wellas the rapid development of local logistics technology, third-party logistics will be moreinvolved in military logistical support activities, the army should establish the concept ofmodern logistics systems, integrated logistics concepts, and market service. It should have aperfect beginning for third-party logistics involved, that is a fundamental solution to ourmilitary logistics security issues. During military backside warehouse to introduce ofthird-party logistics, we should protect the army and the interests of third-party logisticscontract, but also to protect the smooth implementation of the logistics, to establish theconcept of community-based logistics security, to explore a situation of our mean to militarylogistics outsourcing. Based on the above ideas, this article will analysis on aspects of thenecessity, feasibility, risk composition, and optimal control on introducing the third-partylogistics. I hope it can provide the theoretical guidance for military logistical support.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rear supplies, Third-party logistics, Risk factors
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