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The Reaserch On The Blame-taking Resignation System Of Leading Cadres

Posted on:2017-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330482499084Subject:Administrative Management
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As one of the specific forms of modern administrative accountability system,Blame-Taking Resignation(BTR) system is the inevitable outcome of contemporary democratic politics development. Recent years, the BTR phenomenon of leading cadres has become a hot concern in our country’s reform of administrative system. The formation and development of the BTR system of leading cadres has great significance for the construction of responsible government, the enhancement of government credibility, the perfection of administration supervision system and the strengthening of leading cadres’ moral accomplishment.First of all, this paper gives an explanation of the connotation of the BTR and the BTR system. At the same time, this paper has an exploration about the related theories of the BTR system of leading cadres, including institutional ethics theory, theory of accountability and responsibility ethics theory. With the support of relevant theories,this paper tries to put forward the problems existing in the design and implement of BTR system of leading cadres by analyzing the changes and typical cases of BTR system of leading cadres. On this basis, this paper discusses the reasons why these problems exist and draws lessons from foreign experience. Finally, it put forwards countermeasures and suggestions for the perfection of BTR system of leading cadres.It is fundamental for the perfection of the BTR system to improve the moral level and administrative ethics accomplishment of the leading cadres. From the point of internal control mechanism, it is only by transforming leading cadres’ being leaders,enhancing their self-discipline consciousness that they will stand up on their own initiatives and take the responsibilities when faced with problems, thus making the system itself full of infinite energies. The main reason why there are so many problems in BTR system is that the relevant laws and regulations is not perfect, of which the specific reasons are the disunity of standard making, the lack of the program and the imperfection of the follow-up management. To strengthen the construction of supporting system is the key to perfect the BTR system. Without relevant supporting mechanisms,it is still struggling to implement the BTR system with leading cadres of higher moral levels and the support of perfect laws and regulations. Therefore, only the efforts to improve the power restriction of mechanism civil servants, the strengthening of citizen participation and the construction of relevant supporting system whose information isdisclosed and government affairs are transparent can provide fertile soil for the survival and development of our country’s BTR system of leading cadres. The biggest characteristic of this paper is that a large number of Chinese and foreign typical cases about BTR are full through the whole paper, providing support for building the theory and solving the problems.
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