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Study On The Theory And Practice Of Resignation And Dismissal About Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2014-01-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330398967687Subject:Administrative Management
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At present, our country civil servants not only into, causing frequent organizationoverstaffed, low administrative efficiency, although the government has carried outseveral institutional reforms and staff, but the civil service special identity, status insociety,"official standard" thought influence, the civil service personnel flow with thework is not optimistic. Especially in the resignation and dismissal of civil servants issmall talk phenomenon, as the adjustment of the institutional reform of the "stumblingblock".This dissertation studies on civil servants to resign and civil servant dismissal,which barring the normal retirement and expel civil servants. China has promulgatedand implemented the "civil law", through the way of questionnaire survey to ourcountry civil servants to resign and state the dismissal of civil servants to do specificimplementation present situation investigation, reflects the management of civilservants through examination based on the resignation and dismissal channel is notsmooth; resign existing resistance; the resignation and dismissal disguisedreplacement, there is "adverse selection" phenomenon. According to the problems inthe use of cost-benefit theory, incentive theory development and the present situationof the threat and the implementation of the difficulties to do in-depth analysis, finallyaimed to the resignation and dismissal of civil servants in the implementation of thedilemma and propose some countermeasures and suggestions: perfect the resignationand dismissal of civil servants law; by LAN assessment, improvement of civilservants examination system, strict implementation of appraisal program, reasonableuse of examination results for the resignation and dismissal of civil servants toprovide an objective basis; establish the consciousness of occupation risk pathselection. Strictly follow the resignation and dismissal of civil servants; the fullimplementation of appointment system. In order to expedite civil service export.
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