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Research On The Innovation Of The Selection And Appointment Mechanism Of The Party And Government Leading Cadres

Posted on:2016-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the new situation, it is necessary to innovate the mechanism of selecting and appointing cadres of the party and government leading cadres, and the selection of qualified and outstanding party and government leaders at all levels is not only the need of our party’s rapid development, but also related to the success of the one hundred "two years" strategic objectives. This paper reviews the development of Chinese official selection and appointment system from ancient times to today. On this basis, we have made a preliminary exploration of innovative methods, and strive to contribute to the research of this topic.The first chapter, the introduction part discusses the background and significance of the research, the research literature review, the definition of the related concepts, introduces the research method of this paper.The second chapter, the development process of the selection and appointment system of the party and government leading cadres in our country is described, and the analysis and evaluation of different historical periods and different stages of the same period are made.The third chapter, discusses the current party and government leading cadres selection and appointment mechanism of the problems and reasons, discusses not only the next, salary is not optimal, procedure is not perfect, the relative concentration of power etc. the problems, and from the pernicious vestiges of feudalism, and has not yet formed a system, operational level problems, evaluation system of backward four aspects discusses the reasons.The fourth chapter, this paper expounds the bold thinking about the innovation of the selection and appointment mechanism of the Chinese party and government leading cadres. Set up the goal and task of mechanism innovation, the reform of the political system, and the coordination of the economic system, and the combination of democratic and legal construction. Discusses the main principles of mechanism innovation the Party leadership, according to the selection, expand democracy, strict accountability. At the end of the paper, according to the current situation and the actual situation of the selection and appointment, a series of mechanism innovation measures are formulated.
Keywords/Search Tags:Selection and appointment mechanism of Party and government leading cadres, development process, Problem analysis, innovation thinking
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