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Leading Cadres Are Closely Related To The Motivation Mechanism Of The Masses

Posted on:2017-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y W ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2356330503995526Subject:Law The basic principles of Marxism
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After the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party,the Party Central Committee carried out the mass line of educational practice, aimed at resolving the problem of the detachment from the masses in some leading cadres.At present,how to enhance the power of leading cadres to contact the masses is a hot issue in the party building theory, many researchers have discussed it from different perspectives, but these studies for the dynamic analysis is relatively vague. There is no clear that the dynamic source is located.This thesis is based on the previous studies, the main structure contain the real problem of leading cadres contact the masses, the internal and external power,the dynamic mechanism, discussing the dynamic mechanism of the leading cadres closely contacted with the masses.Firstly,use the method of comparative analysis, expounds the Marxist view of the masses?Chinese traditional concept of the masses and the people view in foreign party, draw the lessons of losing political power of the Soviet Union,from the comparative view peek in the significance of contacting with the masses.Secondly, analyze and summarize the problem of the detachment from the masses in some leading cadres, from the subjective and objective two aspects of the cause, to clarify the reality of the harm.Thirdly, explore the source of power of leading cadres to contact the masses. The analysis from two aspects of internal motivation and external motivation, internal motivation based on the source of the leading cadres and the party membership is the origin from themself heart and the cultivation of the feelings of the masses; the external motivation based on the leading cadres of the ruling party and the close correlation is the objective changes of the ruling environment, from the reality of the survival and development crisis perspective, practical needs of the ruling, consciousness of the democratic rights, the interests of the masses demands, the development of information technology,analysis of the necessity of the aspects such as showing the urgent external pressure.Finally, combined with the current political system and the use of cadres mechanism, building the dynamic mechanism from two aspects of internal and external. Internal dynamic mechanism from strengthening the leading cadres in party spirit practice mechanism and learning mechanism, stimulate the leading cadres to contact mass enthusiasmly. The external mechanism from the cadre incentive accountability, the selection and appointment, post assessment, supervision and restraint, disciplinary punishment.leading cadres must contact the masses "inhibition", make the leading cadres ties with the masses standardization, institutionalization, normalization,enhance the feasibility and initiative of contact with the masses.
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