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Study On City Low Income Groups’Demand-expressing Channel In Public Service

Posted on:2014-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425484969Subject:Administrative Management
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At the beginning of the new century, as the Party’s sixth plenary of sixteen session report that China is in "profound reform of economic system, profound changes of social structure, profound adjustment of the pattern of interests, and the profound changes in thinking, this unprecedented social change brings the huge vigor to the development of our society, but also brings some contradictions and problems." One of the prominent characteristics is that the people’s participation consciousness and expression desire are gradually rising. People’s thoughts becomes more diversity, autonomy, variability and complexity, and all kinds of social thoughts emerge constantly, more and more people began to express their demands and desires through various channels and ways. But with the deepening of China’s reform, social stratum differentiation and the social conflicts of interests, there leading to a big gap between the demand expression mechanism construction and public consciousness rising, Especially the low-income groups in city, which belongs to the social vulnerable groups. Their expression ability is limited and the expression channels is unsmooth, which makes the government cannot understand information in public services providing. Meanwhile, the government officials are also "economic man", it’s difficult for them to protect low-income groups’ interests, even infringe upon their legitimate rights, resulting in serious consequences to social stability. Therefore, how to establish and perfect the expression mechanism for city low-income group is still a discussed issue.This paper using political science, administrative science, sociology and other theories to elaborate the basic connotation and theory of low-income group demand expression system in public service supply, discuss the meaning of low income group’s positive expression in China’s public service supply policy, and comment the present situation of low income group expression. Finally the paper puts forward some measures to establish and improve the low income group expression mechanism.The full thesis is constituted by four main parts:The first part concludes the concrete contents of city low-income group, public service, and the benefit expression, then describes five constituent parts of city low income group demand expression mechanism Through the depth interview, the third part sums up the main problems in the interest expression of city low-income groups and analyzes the causes of these problems;The fourth part gives some ideas on improving the public service demands expression mechanism:(1) improving the city low-income group’s organization level (2) improving low-income groups’expression ability (3) strengthening the expression channel construction of low-income groups’public service needs (4) clearing the government accountability system.
Keywords/Search Tags:City low income groups, Public service, The demand expression
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