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Research On The Role Of Social Organizations In Disaster Governance

Posted on:2014-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330401958561Subject:Public administration
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Society organizations, also known as the NGO (non governmental ORGANIZATIONS, referred to as NGOs) also shorter in the history of the development of our country is still in the early stages of development, its own building, there are still a lot of imperfections, its social environment is not very sound. Nevertheless, from the rescue process point of view of the recent major natural disaster in Wenchuan, Yushu earthquake, the role played by the social organizations in China’s charity has become increasingly apparent, with the increase in the number of social organizations, individual scale plus its social influence significantly strengthened. Society organizations play in addition to the role of "charity", it also has a positive role to mobilize the community to make up for the government’s work. The occurrence of natural disasters is irresistible, but the size of the losses from natural disasters and the length of the recovery process is directly related to the process and disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction efforts. To make our society organizations to play a bigger and more important role in the field of disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction, has a certain significance for the study of social organization development, construction and other related issues.The root cause on the basis of existing research, combined with China’s social organizations involved in disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction of the status quo analysis of the existing institutional barriers, resource constraints, lack of credibility and lack of professional ability, and made the following recommendations:First of all, the social organization social environment sound. The legal system is the code of conduct and protection of the social organization;"partnership" between the government and social organizations to achieve mutual trust between the two complementary functions.Second, optimize the allocation of resources, improve the internal management mechanisms. One is to optimize the allocation of financial resources of the social organizations, including the use of government procurement of services, government subsidies, and strengthening the social self-funding capacity; second is to strengthen the social organization of human resources, and create a more efficient operation of the project.Third, social organization’s own capacity-building needs to be further strengthened. One is to strengthen internal financial management, information disclosure platform, so that the financial disclosure, the formation of an effective monitoring mechanism; second is the construction of the organization’s credibility, which is the premise of the existence and development of social organization; its three specialized construction. Natural disaster relief is different from the general anti-poverty charity, you need a highly professional staff in order to achieve effective relief. Therefore, social organizations require the introduction of a large number of professionals and strengthen the professional training.
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