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County Party Leadership Team Under The Construction Theory

Posted on:2014-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Team construction is a kind of organization innovation, and with the economic and social development, it attracts more and more attention from enterprise and government managers while functioning more.With the completion of2012CPC’s nationwide county-level committee transition,2789newly composed county-level party committee leadership were on the stage of history, assuming the historical mission of reform and development, and as the core team in China grassroots ruling, county-level party committee leading group’s ideological style, ruling ability, operation mechanism and work performance is directly related to the grassroots political stability and the stability of the country.According to the county-level county party committee leadership, the special research object, this paper attempts to analyze the necessity and feasibility of team building from the perspective of Teaming Theory, and then from the theoretical basis and practical needs in two aspects, discussing the general idea of strengthening county-level county party committee leadership, putting forward specific measures, which can provides certain reference value to improve the cadre team management and also made beneficial exploration to expand the research scope and methods of team management theory.This paper mainly uses the literature research, investigation, case analysis, direct edge scientific research methods, and puts forward the "Six in One Approach" upon building efficient county-level county Party committee leadership: first, to establish the core value system and set up the team faith; second, to establish the ability promoting mechanism and strengthen the team construction; third, to establish a scientific decision-making mechanism, regulating team operation; fourth, establishing the incentive mechanism to arouse team vitality; fifth, to establish the structure optimization mechanism, perfect the team function; sixth, to establish external support mechanism, strengthen the team confidence.
Keywords/Search Tags:county-level, party committee leadership, team building
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