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Southern Shaanxi Escaping Resettlement Emergencies Prospective Study

Posted on:2014-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330425478039Subject:Public administration
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In May2011launched around immigrant relocation project will move more than2.4million people, known as is the largest immigration project in China in nearly60years. Shaanxi provincial party committee, the provincial government to shushed immigrant relocation work very seriously, and have issued a series of related support policy, vigorously promote the immigrants to avoid disaster in the relocation work smoothly. Practices show that the migration work to avoid disaster in southern Shaanxi, southern Shaanxi serious geological disasters and to fundamentally prevent frequent flood threat, is beneficial to promote the development of southern Shaanxi urbanization process, enlarge the coverage of public service investment, in southern Shaanxi poor fundamentally get rid of poverty, is conducive to realize well-off, southern Shaanxi poor to say the project is to help and solve the basic way to implement rich, but also a matter of a major task the sustained and balanced development of urban and rural areas in Shanxi Province. However, in the face of such a huge disaster avoidance immigrant relocation project, if you don’t do emergency forward-looking analysis research, the top-level design, preventive measures, is bound to cause large-scale mass incidents, affect the project the smooth implementation of this good polity.Therefore, this article first expounds the disaster avoidance migration mass emergencies related theory; Secondly, this paper introduces the basic situation of southern Shaanxi immigrants moved to avoid disaster, the principle of resettlement, resettlement target, as well as the significance; Then, analyzed from the disaster could erupt in emergencies cause, and has carried on the theory of incentive analysis; Finally, the incident in southern Shaanxi avoid disaster prevention disposal principle and concrete countermeasures are put forward. In real sense, based on the migration of emergency prospective study, to explore the causes, and to seek solutions, is conducive to maintaining social order, promote urban and rural integration, finally realizes the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way in the new century. In practice, said the prospective study of immigrants moving mass incidents, can transform of local government function, reform management method, properly handle the disaster avoidance can cause farmers in mass incidents. In theory, this article research, to further broaden the research perspectives and theoretical discussion space, enrich the theory of "three rural problems".
Keywords/Search Tags:Migration, Emergency, Coordination of urban and rural areas, countermeasures
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