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Research On Collaborative Provision Of Public Service In Contemporary China

Posted on:2015-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428451709Subject:Foreign political system
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As the important condition and content of human development, the public service isnot only responsible for building a harmonious society, but also the content ofimproving people’s livelihood. Whether from a global perspective, or from the domesticenvironment, economic and social development has become more multi-dimensionaland multi-faceted, for this reason, the demand for public service has become morecomplicated. Collaborative Provision of Public Service is the possibility and necessity,proposed by integration of public service provision model and collaborative governancetheory in this context, and is the result of gradually exploring under the fragmentationplight. Collaborative Provision of Public Service advocates breaking the boundary ofgovernment, market and social organizations, through collaborative relationships witheach other, sharing of resources and information, making public service policy together,playing their advantages of organizational function, and then supplying public serviceon the basis of interdependence.This thesis, built on collaborative governance theory, explores the basic content andfactors of collaborative provision of public service, and analyzes the effectiveness of itfrom different angles. In practical aspect, the article analyzes some important problemsof collaborative provision of public service in contemporary China, combined withChinese social realities, and raises a general idea of collaborative provision of publicservice in contemporary China. Specifically, the article is divided into the followingfour parts:Part one focuses on the basic theory of collaborative provision of public service.The article points out that the theory of collaborative governance is the basic ofcollaborative provision of public service, and analyzes its theoretical orientation. Onthis basis, by comparing similar concepts, the article analyzes several problems aboutunderstanding collaborative provision of public service, which are needed to payattention, and defines the concept of collaborative provision of public service, andanalyzes its influencing factors from three aspects.Part two analyzes the effectiveness of collaborative provision of public service. The article analyzes the effectiveness of collaborative provision of public service from twoaspects. For public service, collaborative provision can directly respond to thecomplicated needs of public service, and can effectively integrate the supply situation,which is decentralized and fragmented, and can improve the efficiency of the provisionof public service. For multi-stakeholders, collaborative provision can alleviate the crisisof the welfare state, and transform the function of the government; and can increasecorporate profits, and establish a good corporate impression; and can improve the statusof the social organization, and enhance its institutional construction.Part three examines some problems of collaborative provision of public service incontemporary China. For various reasons, several problems of collaborative provisionof public service in contemporary China still exist in four areas. They are: the difficultyof achieving equal status among stakeholders, problems of power and resourceallocation, the dilemma of fragmentation, and corruption.Part four researches how to achieve collaborative provision of public service incontemporary China. This section analyzes the conditions of collaborative provision ofpublic service in contemporary China, and then proposes thoughts and countermeasures.Socialistic deliberative democracy provides institutional environment, andinformationalized communication mechanism broadens the channels of communication,the benign development of the relationship among stakeholders provides the necessaryspace. According to the actual conditions, the collaborative provision of public servicein contemporary China should follow this general idea: first, foster collaborativephilosophy, which encourages multi-stakeholders participate in collaborative provisionof public service. Second, build effective mechanism of collaborative provision ofpublic service. Third, select the appropriate mode of collaborative provision of publicservice.
Keywords/Search Tags:public service, collaborative provision, fragmentation, collaborative governance
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