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Zhoushan Innovative Research Of The City-rural Community Management System Based On The "Cohabitation" Mode

Posted on:2015-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330428459825Subject:Rural and regional development
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Modern community is a community with a social life. In modern communities, people can getall kinds of convenience services or public service communities, such as pension and mutualassistance, medical counseling, employment assistance. Through the activities of the community,people communicate with each other, learn from each other, help each other, and slowly a certaincommunity culture, community organizations, so that the connotation of the community to besublimated, and gradually became a co-dependent people and family life, namely the Community.Essentially, there is a community of mainly human-centered community development power alsocomes from people. The main goal of community building is to meet people’s needs, throughcommunity platform, different people, different individuals are free to express their demands, madetheir willingness to protect their own interests, to protect their own interests, in order to achievesocial justice.With the "strong government, weak society" to change "weak government, strong society", therelationship between the government and the community has also undergone a subtle change,government-led management has been unable to meet the diversified development of modern urbancommunities. Community development requires the formation of a new community governancemodel government, community self-government organizations, community civic collaborationmanagement, cooperation and win-win.In this paper, drawing on the experience of urban and rural community development at homeand abroad on the basis of urban and rural communities in Zhoushan management system for thestudy, literature analysis and case study approach. Finally, the development of "cohabitation"model-based management system for urban and rural communities in Zhoushan perfect suggestionsfor the healthy development of the community and its construction and management of building asocialist harmonious society play an important and positive role to provide a theoretical reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:City community, rural community, mode of co-governance, residents ofcommunity autonomy
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