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Grass-roots Government Capacity Building In Shanghai Urban And Rural Intergration Progass

Posted on:2015-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428958269Subject:Social security
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With the speeding up of urban-rural integration in our country, the structuralcontradiction between supply and demand of social security is increasingly prominent,in the period of transformation of the Chinese government. Social security in theexpansion of the disequilibrium between supply and demand contradiction betweenurban and rural areas will severely hinder the urbanization process of our country.How to explore grassroots government as the main social security policy in promotingthe social security in urban and rural integration to root and properly solve, become anurgent problem to be solved. Therefore, how to demand from the height of the theorycombined with practicing, to explore the basic unit government in the social securityof urban and rural integration capability, become the basis of this article writing.Structure of this paper is divided into six chapters. The first chapter isintroduction, mainly elaborating the origin of the thesis writing and the researchbackground, literature review, the basic concepts and the basic research methods, etc.The second chapter elaborates the role positioning of grassroots government in theprocess of the integration of urban and rural social security, from macroscopic tomicrocosmic in-depth analysising grass-roots government rights and qualification inthe integration of social security. The third chapter will study the main problems thecauses of grass-roots government ability is insufficient. The fourth chapter putsforward grassroots government ability construction of evaluation system in theprocess of the integration of urban and rural social security, as lots of the grass-roots of government for evaluation standards, and as evaluation basis for the fifth chapter.The fifth chapter, from the perspectives of practice and research, the first method isnine typical urban and rural integration of grassroots governments selected inShanghai, through the principal component analysis method is its ability to supplysocial security evaluation and comparison, through the comparison and analysis, wecan conclude the main influencing factors and effect that grass-roots governments insocial security integaration; from the practical point of view, according to the actualsituation of the small town of kunshan city in Shanghai with the questionnaire survey,expert interview,we can provide a feasible countermeasures for township governmentspromoting social security as a whole. Chapter6once again explores the grass-rootsgovernment in social security integration should establish a more active rolepositioning; pertinence suggestion will be put forward about how to promotegrass-roots government social security between urban and rural integration ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social security integration, Grass-roots government, the governmentability, Change of government function
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