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Historical Interpretation Of The Four Modernizations

Posted on:2015-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428964645Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Modern human society is changing trend of history. In the wave of modernization, all the countries in the world have been added to the process of modernization. The development of modern Chinese compared to the developed countries in the west, late nearly200years of time. China modernization belongs to the later,this had decided the exploration process of the modernization of difficulties and hardships. To explore the advanced Chinese started modernization since the Opium War in1840, has been more than170years, experienced Chinese modern sprout and the start-up phase, the initial stage of exploration China’s socialist modernization and China’s socialist modernization comprehensively promote several stage, stage of development. Since the founding of new China, in order to achieve Chinese always dream of the country road, Generations of the party’s collective leadership, Leading the vast majority of people to explore of modernization. Since modern times, therefore, the theme is the history of modern China’s social development, it is also the Chinese people have been chasing dreams. Chinese development history of over100years of proven and will continue to prove, is the contradiction Chinese itself Chinese Communist Party to assume leadership of social revolution and social reform, the final realization of the people’s Republic of China, and to realize the modernization has become the main stream trend China social development. Today, we in-depth study of the historical process of the four modernization Chinese, can know to help us understand the particularity of the development process of China’s modernization and the law of development, the developed countries’ successful sums up experience and lessons, and ultimately promote the construction of socialism modernization China, has the extremely important theory significance and practical significance.
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