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An Analysis Of Community-Based Development On Rural Public Services In China

Posted on:2015-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428975971Subject:Administrative Management
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Although our government has attached much importance to the "three rural issues" all the time, it is still a hard nut to crack who plagued economic and social development of our country. And rural public service is just one of the field which dropped behind. The conflict between rise of farmers’demand and short supply is becoming more and more serious, and the gap between urban and rural areas is growing wider. The serious missing publicity of public service in rural areas’development will go against the solvent of "three rural issues" as well as fairness and justice of our society. In order to develop social undertakings in rural areas, governments in all levels have taken effective measures to increase public supply and also got certain achievements. However, it fell flat. The key reason is that there are some problems in public service supply system and mechanism rural residents haven’t participated in it deficiently as consumer of public service, and community haven’t plaid its role as the basic organization to communicate masses and society as well as government. In this case, to supply public service by taking community as a platform and improve public service supply structure has become an important way to eliminate the dilemma in rural areas’ public service.This thesis has selected two counties in Shandong Province as background for argument and evidence analysis, and makes the research for two counties’ general development of public service communization in rural areas to support the thesis’ view. It has analyzed the development mode of rural public service communization in the two counties, during which to select rural community in the two counties for argument. So that to show the effect of rural public service communization development in the two counties, and also present the experiences and deficiency of communization development. Finally, to combine the case with general development of rural public service in our country, the thesis put forward the path to realist rural public service community, that is to plan rural communities scientifically, to define political and social power exactly, to improve diversified supply service system, and to build and perfect the long-term mechanism of finance, participation, evaluation and supervise, by which to push on the development of rural public service community.
Keywords/Search Tags:rural public service, supply mechanism, communization
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