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A Research On The Government’s Message Declaring In Unexpected Incident

Posted on:2015-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330431952222Subject:Public administration
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Government information is a citizen’s right to know, participate in and supervise an important guarantee for the effective exercise of the right is our building service-oriented government, an important part of the government the sun. Government information very early in China has become popular, but when China’s development into the21st century, technological advances to promote the continuous development of society, government information is no longer just a time of peace the basic content of the legal system, it is to cope with various emergencies at sea an important part.Currently sailing as a transport mode of transport, in the current societies play an increasingly important role. However, for various reasons, leading to the present or the safety of transportation is not very good, in a recent traffic accident statistics on sea transport as vulnerable to the cold sea, ice, big waves, storms and fog and other special weather, so that people will travel at sea, transport of the larger threat. In addition, the characteristics of maritime transport, ship in the event of an accident causing death fell into the water can easily lead to drowning, which also belong to a boat accident at sea dead major or fatal accident-prone locations, and a serious impact on social stability and harmony.It can be seen, the occurrence of accidents at sea will certainly bring a range of issues, such as disruption of normal social order, and decreased mental capacity of the public, this time the whole country will be in a period of tension, the basis for the government as a nation, if not timely and comprehensive disclosure of relevant information, the public is very easy to panic because of all the rumors, and even cause riots, but can not take the initiative with the government response to the crisis, this will add the extra difficulty of response to emergencies at sea. Thus, in the sea offshore emergency response, the Government shall promptly, fully and accurately to the media and the public information related to maritime emergencies to protect the citizens right to know, so that the public be able to have a comprehensive emergency at sea, real understanding, and thus actively participate in emergency response in the sea, the state and society to join hands to cope with the crisis.In this paper, the meaning of offshore marine emergencies, characterized as the starting point, analysis of open government information in the mass characteristics of emergencies, meaning and unexpected events with groups of sea linkages. After several accidents at sea in order to focus on more typical case, when the accident occurred on the sea and open government information after a detailed analysis of the focus, and then summed up from the sea for marine emergencies in our government to solve the problem of information disclosure the program.
Keywords/Search Tags:Marine emergencies, Government informaiton, Emergencymechanism, Path selection
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