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A Study On The Professional Development Of Educational Researchers From Different Districts

Posted on:2013-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330374966589Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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With the development and reform of school education, the development direction of the school education in the future has been discussed more frequently and deeply than before. The requirements of a high-quality education can be satisfied by the support and development of school educational research, which mainly relies on the instruction of school educational researchers. Educational researchers from different districts and counties play an important role in bridging the gap between theory and practice, supporting the teachers’ educational research and conducting the district educational research. Therefore, the research on the professional development of educational researchers from different districts and counties can help us change the obscure methodology into practical experience. In this way, it will improve the ability of educational researchers. Besides, the study on the professional development of educational researchers from different districts and counties can lead their sustainable development.This dissertation first analyzes the necessary professional qualities, which is composed of professional spirit, professional knowledge and professional skills. Professional spirit refers to the agreement on educational research, the willingness of researching, the positive attitude, the strong service mindset and the compliance with ethical norms. Professional knowledge includes educational theory, research methods and practical knowledge. Professional skills consist of the skills for common guidance, research, management and professional consultation as well.Educational researchers from different districts and counties refers to those who only focus on educational research and provide research guidance for primary schools, middle schools and kindergartens. This dissertation intends to identify the characteristics of the educational researchers from different districts and counties in Shanghai with the investigation of questionnaires. The result shows that the number of female researchers is two times of male researchers, and most of them are from31to50years old. It is satisfying that most of those researchers are bachelors or masters and their titles equal to senior teachers in middle school. According to the investigation,54.5%of them are outstanding teachers or administrators promoted form schools, and the rest are university graduates. Their professional backgrounds include curriculum, educational theory, and the combination of both. Over70%of them have10years’teaching experience, and over50%of them have owned the city-level awards.However, the professional development of educational researchers from different districts and counties are not always smooth. They may be faced with both internal pressures and external obstacles. Internal pressures come from the lack of professional knowledge, motivation, methods and theories in specific fields. The external obstacles include the defect of research atmosphere, relevant training, motivation mechanics and interregional communication.Some key incidents and significant persons play an important role in the development of educational researcher. Basically, the factors can be divided into two. One factor is self-consciousness of educational researchers, such as personal practice, career plan, self-study, the motivation and self-reflection. The other factor comes from research community, cultivating mechanism, resources and interaction, evaluation and management, together with significant persons.Based on the analysis, the author proposes two parts of suggestions. On one hand, educational researchers should improve their professional status by proper career plan, specific skills improvement, certain speculation and abundant practice. One the other hand, the problem can be solved by multiple inspiration, professional development programmers, and the improvement of management and service.
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