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Game Analysis Of Work Engagement Of Teachers In Disaster Area

Posted on:2013-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L X SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330374966678Subject:Applied Psychology
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[Objective]:(1)Examine the teachers’ work engagement three years after Wenchuan Earthquake (2) Explore its influence factors and how they work.[Subject]:Frontline teachers in a middle school in the harder-hit area of Wenchuan Earthquake.83teachers among them were tested with UEWS-17in quantity research and71valid questionnaires copies were received.45teachers were interviewed in quality research, and6of them were chose to be the samples of case study.[Method]:In quantity research, the teachers were investigated with UEWS-17. According to the results of UWES-17, the teachers were grouped in three groups. With semi-structure interview and behavior observation of these teachers, influence factors of work engagement were obtained. Structure the game model of work engagement by in-depth interview and systemic observation of the6case studies.[Results]:(1) The whole work engagement of these teachers were quite good (3.31±0.94). The scores of three dimension are3.50±1.06(dedication),3.28±0.98(vigor) and3.17±0.99(absorption). Variance analysis showed that there were no significant differences among teachers with different genders, ages, courses, grades or charged a class or not.(2) Through coding and analysis of quality materials,27concept categories and8main categories were formed. These main categories are work engagement, work demand, work resources, personal resources, beliefs of work, interpersonal influences, identify with organizational climate and special experiences. One’s beliefs of work primarily determine his (her) level of work engagement. Whether identifies with the organizational climate has great influence on one’s mood of work. Work resources and personal resources can counteract the negative utility of high work demand, thus enhance one’s work engagement. Wenchuan earthquake had positive influence on teachers’ work belief.(3) Analysis of the game model of teachers’ work engagement shows that highly active encourage regulation can significantly improve the level of teachers’work engagement. In order to establish that kind of regulation, the frontline teachers should have the sufficient rights to participate in decision making. The grades of rewards and punishment should be set with all the teachers. Good beliefs of work (teaching) and strong personal resources have great influences on the growth of new teachers. These two factors are important in keeping teachers’ high level of work engagement.
Keywords/Search Tags:teachers in disaster area, work engagement, game analysis
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