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The College Canteen Of Student Satisfaction Research

Posted on:2013-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330398476339Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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College canteen as one of the most important part in the logistics, is closely related with the life of the majority of students. Closely related to the vital interests of their quality and students of the college canteen operators, therefore, the quality of the food and service quality in the college canteen has been drawn wide attention. In recent years, due to rising prices, a lot of canteen subsidies by the relevant national policies is still operating at a loss, and the college canteens long-term stability of the price and quality of the food is great impact. The college canteen faced with the contradiction between the education of the public welfare, welfare and market economic laws; contradiction of the students dining increasing requirements of its limited economic conditions; between the canteen and the canteen, increasing competitive pressure between the canteen and social catering lead the college canteen to face the challenges of growing. Therefore, to carry out the college canteen satisfaction survey can help the school logistics management department to obtain timely information, the implementation of the supervision and management functions of the canteen. Enhance the quality of diet products and services, the interests of the students to be fully protected. Currently, the lack of diet products and service quality evaluation of the college canteen for the evaluation of the main college students, and to reflect the characteristics of College Food and scientific and systematic evaluation system, it is necessary to carry out the survey on the satisfaction of the college canteen.Based on the above background in customer satisfaction theory based on the basis of student evaluation of the main design of the corresponding index system, using the questionnaire to the satisfaction of the college canteen. Based on the data collected, the corresponding factor analysis, regression analysis and other studies to analyze the college canteen in which deficiencies and make recommendations to the healthy development of the canteen, and countermeasures.The paper is divided into three parts, the first part is the theoretical basis. The definition of related concepts and the national satisfaction model and detailed introduction to the theoretical basis of practice. The second part is the analysis of the data. First college canteen teacher and student satisfaction model building and create a corresponding index evaluation system, established on the basis of the questionnaire; followed in Chengdu Information Engineering Institute conducted a questionnaire survey, statistical analysis of the data collected by the questionnaire, including reliability and validity analysis, factor analysis, regression analysis and importance-performance analysis. The college canteen indicators and overall satisfaction with the level of the above analysis, in order to find the college canteen work deficiencies. The third part of the basis of the satisfaction survey analysis and recommendations, including the recommendations of revelation and improved satisfaction survey. Improve the quality of food and beverage products, improve the price mechanism, strengthen the management of staff, improve staff quality, the establish canteens stable development of long-term mechanism, the road of scientific development.
Keywords/Search Tags:college canteens, customer satisfaction, evaluation index, countermeasures study
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