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Hohhot Area Of Higher Vocational College Teachers Team Construction Present Situation And Countermeasure Research

Posted on:2014-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330398486054Subject:Education management
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Since the mid-1990s, the higher vocational education of Inner MongoliaAutonomous Region has been rapid development. As of the end of2012,Tibet has set up independently34higher vocational institutions,13OrdinaryUndergraduate Universities to recruit vocational students. The number ofstudents in the region higher vocational institutions has accounted for morethan half of the region’s college students, trained a large number of talents forthe development of the autonomous region economic and social, which notonly understands-modern scientific and technological knowledge but alsomaster the practice technology. During the "Twelve Five", the region’seconomy is entering a new growth phase,"Give full play to our region’sresources and location advantages, using information technology to stimulateindustrialization, the development of large industries, cultivate a large group,building a large base, the formation of large clusters to maintain a longerperiod of rapid growth, wealthy and strong areas", characteristics and themain theme of the autonomous region’s economic development, whichrequires a large number of various types of high-level, high-quality skilledpersonnel. However, the region’s economic development with thedevelopment of higher vocational education and the development ofvocational education with faculty building is very conspicuouscontradictions. The key solution is to develop and build a high-quality,characteristics of higher vocational education teaching staff, creating anexcellent quality of the "Double" teachers.From analyzing of the rapid development of the higher vocationaleducation for the opportunities and challenges on the construction of teachingstaff. As a guide to the basic principles of modern pedagogy, With a largenumber of domestic and international literature and vocational colleges ofteacher management file and higher vocational college talent cultivation statedata platform data material. Specific analysis the Hohhot vocational collegesexist in the structure of teachers, quality problems and these problems. And on this basis,emphases on the construction goal,we will make efforts to implement thestrategy of strengthening universities with more talented people,accelerate theconstruction of backbone teachers, strengthen the train of teachers and the Construction of morality, strengthen the construction of“double Deepen the reformof the personnel system,to further strengthen the lead ofthe government andso on;at the same time, on the building of teachers of Inner Mongolia VocationalCollege of Chemical Engineering as an example to analyze....
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