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Research On The Growth Path Of The Excellent University Counselor Groups

Posted on:2014-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F LeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330401474480Subject:Ideological and political construction
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In recent years, universities carried out many kinds of counselor’s appraise,such as the Great Counselors of the Year、Excellent Counselors appraise, aiming to establish a system of commendation and reward for such great counselors who serve as role models with the personality of dedication、selfless contribution etc.These measures greatly encourage large number of outstanding counselor and inspire the enthusiasm and creativity of the college counselors’work. This paper takes Fujian Normal University as an example, through case study method of interviews with the excellent university counselors groups (including the provincial excellent counselors. School counselor pacesetter and school ten best counselors in this university) and combined with the meritorious deeds of the national excellent counselors, try to analyze the influencing factors of the growth path of the excellent university counselor groups, thus put forward some advises for college’s counselor team buildingThe research methods include:literature research, individual interview, case analysis, subject reference. In the interview, we mainly discuss the counselors collective growth from the perspective of counselors individual growth; Through the analysis of the interview text, we find that the influencing factors of college counselors collective growth including: Counselors individual quality (including the moral quality and working ability), the safeguard and forecast for counselor’s team building, Therefore, in the construction of excellent college counselor team building, above-mentioned factors is also applicable to put forward excellent college counselors’ growth.The research methods include:literature research, individual interview, case analysis, subject reference.
Keywords/Search Tags:excellent counselors, collective growth, path
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