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Collaborative Training Of Skilled Talents Under The Perspective Of Regional Cooperation

Posted on:2014-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Q ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422457523Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since the reform and opening up, especially during the period of "11th five-yearplan", China economy has achieved a sustained and stable development. As a country,being ranked as the second economy in the world, China is going through a progressfrom the big manufacturing country to be a manufacturing power in the world. Both inthe economic field and social field, a large number of skilled personnel have beenrequired, for transforming the existing scientific and technological achievements intopractical and productive forces in a timely manner. However, insufficient number ofskilled talents, unreasonable structure of skilled personnel, lower quality and resourceutilization have been common problems. They are difficult to meet the high standardsand new requirements on skilled personnel for China’s socio-economic developmentsince the accession to the WTO. With the further deepening of regional cooperation,speeding up the contingent of skilled personnel on a regional basis will become aninevitable choice to crack the dilemma in skilled personnel training.Based on the synergistic theory and resource integration theory, This paper sum upthe research of many scholars and use literature research and system analysis method toexpand the study. Firstly, It analyze the status quo of China’s skilled personnel trainingsystematically, to sum up the reason which resulted in shortage of skilled talent, poorstructure problems at present stage, etc. And then, combined with the background of thegeneral trend of regional cooperation, this paper analyze the necessity and feasibility ofthe research. Secondly, It further elaborate the target of the research. Under the guidanceof this goal, this paper explore which sources the collaborative training of skilledpersonnel under regional cooperation need, what factors participate in the collaborativetraining, how the factors work and the main achievable path selection. Finally, thispaper propose preliminary ideas and suggestions for further improvement.This article aims to excavate the mining way within the four training collaborationsubjects. It will inspire "self-organization" of the inner system and arouse the synergybetween various systems in order to integrate and utilize he regional training resourcesof skilled talents effectively. The problems in the process of skilled personnel trainingwill be solved. And then, the quantity will be recovered, the structure will graduallytend to be reasonable, the resources can be fully utilized. Thus, the overall quality and the strengths of the area of skilled talents will be enhanced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional cooperation, Skilled talents, Personnel training, Cooperation
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