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Application Research Of Meta-evaluation Theory In Improving Physical Quality Evaluation

Posted on:2014-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H G ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422465557Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Culture and education of young athletes results is good or bad, have a decisive role on thecomprehensive quality of young athletes and employment after retirement, but in the current trainingsystem of young athletes in China, revealed many problems, young athletes culture education basicis in a difficult position, the social contradiction is low improve the employment of retired athletesculture quality requirements and athletes’ quality is more and more obvious. A pressing matter of themoment is that we must change the idea, establish the benign operation mechanism of culturaleducation for athletes.The Chinese Journal Net, Ningbo University library, collection and retrieval to " educationevaluation " for related documents keyword, access to knowledge, Sports Bureau of documents,books and provide a theoretical basis for the thesis and literature review. Use in papers report,seminars and field research opportunities, random or a special interview with coaches, researcherswill study the issues involved. And make the interview questionnaire.In this paper, through the theory of analytic hierarchy process, layer by layer analysis of culturaleducation of juvenile athletes in Zhejiang Province, to make a quantitative analysis, qualitative to thenon-deterministic content, the subjective judgement of the people have an objective description. Themain steps are as follows:1to establish the hierarchical structure model.2structure (pairwisecomparison judgment matrix).3order in single level and the consistency check.4of the total orderand consistency check.5to determine the weight and make the evaluation system of culture andeducation for adolescent athletes in Zhejiang province. Finally, test of the validity of thequestionnaire referred in this paper, which is in accordance with the provisions of the standard.Through the evaluation of culture and education of teenage athletes in Zhejiang Province, foundproblems in the process of cultural education for athletes, so as to provide basis for further reformand development, so as to ensure that the athlete culture and education level and education quality.Layer analysis the cultural education of young athletes in Zhejiang Province, to make a quantitativeanalysis, qualitative to the non-deterministic content, the subjective judgement of the people have anobjective description.
Keywords/Search Tags:Analytic Hierarchy Process, Athlete, Cultural education, Estimate, Establish
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