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Evaluation Research About College Teacher Based On The Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process And Grey Correlation Analysis

Posted on:2012-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Higher school is a institution of higher learning for training the talents to adapt to the social development, and it is also a place of gathering all kinds of talents. The university teacher is an important support strength on development of higher education and an important index to evaluate the university. The quality of overall teachers' team directly influence the survival and development of the university. It is not only beneficial to the long-term development of the individual teacher, but also to the sustainable development of the university to give a scientific, objective and effective overall evaluation for the teachers. However, based on the different factors such as orientation of various universities and the goal of training, which makes complexity, diversity and difference of the evaluation for university teachers, and also no universally evaluation system and evaluation method for university teachers can be accepted. So it is very necessary and important to strengthen the research of evaluation for university teachers.The chapter 1 of this paper expounds the research background, significance and status of evaluation for university teachers. Through the deeper research into the background and significance of university teachers' evaluation and the research status of domestic and foreign university teachers, rethinking and fixing the position of current system of university teachers' evaluation, reforming the original rewards and punishments evaluation mode of restricting teacher's development, actively using the experience of university teachers evaluation of other countries for reference such as United States, Britain, Japan and other developed countries, emphasizing the future development tendency of teachers and individual teacher's development including personality and creativity, which provide the beneficial reference to build the scientific evaluation system of embodying the development of university teachers' subjectivity.The chapter 2 of this paper is the thorough analysis of traditional evaluation system for university teachers. The traditional teacher evaluation system is a rewards and punishments assessment of quantification, which only consider the development of the school but not the self-development of teacher and deviate from the rule of teacher's growth. We fully discuss how to improve the evaluation system of university teacher, especially pay attention to the evaluation of teachers' development to promote teacher's professional development as the final purpose, let each teacher can consciously internalize the progress of individual to work. It pay attention to the teacher's personal value, professional value and future development.The emphases of this paper are the construction of evaluation model for university teachers based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and grey correlation analysis and the analysis of taking higher vocational colleges for example. In chapter 3 we introduce the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process. That is by establishing the fuzzy consistent judgment matrix R, and extracting the weight of each index for each factor class and factors respectively, and conducting fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, then we can obtain the final evaluation results. Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process can consider evaluation factors more comprehensively, further decrease the subjective effect, fully embody the decision of expertise, and make the evaluation of university teachers more real and flexible. Through the analysis of case, following the nature of university and college teachers, in line with scientific, dynamic, hierarchical and practical principles, it structure the hierarchical model of university teachers' evaluation. We apply fuzzy analytic hierarchy process to solve the index weight and make a comprehensive evaluation, inspect scientific degree and operability of the model, further improve the scientific and reasonable system, and provide beneficial exploration and practice for the development of university teachers' evaluation. In chapter 4 we introduce an overview of the gray correlation analysis method. Through determining comparable and standard series of the teachers' evaluation, calculating coefficient and degree of the grey correlation among indices, we get the final the correlation order of evaluation object and further make comprehensive evaluation for evaluation objects.Finally, in chapter 5 we present a summary and suggestions. By establishing the developmental evaluation index system of university teachers, we solve the problem of "review what" for college teachers. In order to promote teachers' personal development, we solve the problem of "how to review" for college teachers. By establishing and perfecting the incentive mechanism, it can improve the performance of the teachers, and further improve the education quality, standards in school and efficiency in school management.
Keywords/Search Tags:fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, grey relation analysis, university teachers, evaluation
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