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The Research On The Happiness Of "Special-post Teacher" And The Way Of Improvement In Xingtai City

Posted on:2015-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422469625Subject:Ideological and political education
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In2006, the state began to implement a Plan of special positions for teachers in ruralcompulsory education (hereinafter referred to as “special-post program”), The plan topromote education fair, realize the education balanced development has played a positiverole.in2009,Xingtai join the “special-post program”,“teachers of the special-post program”as the new group in rural teachers of xingtai, to stabilize the rural teachers, improve theteaching quality of education to make an effective contribution.“Teachers of the special-postprogram” as a special teacher group, their happiness problems worthy of our study andinvestigation.This study adopts questionnaire survey, combined with literature analysis and interviewmethod, the xingtai91"Teachers of the special-post program" in the part of the interview andquestionnaire, describes the status quo of “the happiness of teachers of the special-postprogram” and analyzes the factors that affect the happiness. According to the research resultsabout the present situation of “xingtai Teachers happiness of the special-post program” showthat: overall,“the happiness of teachers of the special-post program” is relative low,happiness situation is not optimistic. In the survey of91“teachers’ happiness of thespecial-post program”, the happiness is averaging only6.8points, two-thirds of the teachersnot satisfied with the working and living conditions, lack of happiness. According to thesurvey, low Happiness is mainly manifested in the following five aspects: happiness ofsurvival requirements, happiness of security requirements, happiness of respect requirements,happiness of achieve self-worth; Self, school, society, government is the important reasons forthe happiness, among them, into the post motive diversification, low wages, the backwardrural development, the policy of “special-post program” imperfect is the main factor reduceits happiness.According to the “teachers happiness of special-post program” problem, put forwardthe benefit Suggestions for the improvement of their happiness, first of all, on the self level,guided by the marxist outlook on, sets up the science of happiness; Teachers itself must set upa positive mental attitude and efforts to the pursuit of happiness; Straight into the dutymotivation and strong service rural education of ideal and faith; In the pursuit of happiness, inthe passed feeling happiness; Secondly, on the school level, positioned schools should strengthen the teachers humanistic concern, as the “teachers of special-post program”to builda harmonious working and living environment. Again, at the social level, to speed up the ruraldevelopment, strengthen the public opinion propaganda, eliminate social prejudice, form ofsocial support, expand communication platform; Finally, at the government level, to improvethe salary and incentive preferential policies to improve the teachers’ salary, meet the demandof teachers’ multi-level, and shall be properly placed after the expiration of its services, Andfinally increase the“special-post program”policy propaganda work.
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