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Core Strength Training On Men’s Tennis Player To Serve The Success Tate Of Experimental Research

Posted on:2011-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X S PanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422952264Subject:Physical Education and Training
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In recent years, as the core strength training in the field of rehabilitation care byintroducing, core strength training method as a new type of power quality training methods ofthe coaches caused great repercussions, a applied to sports fields become physical trainingaspects of a hot topic. The domestic and international sports and relevant experts and scholarson core strength training a large number of studies suggest that: in competitive sports play astable body core strength main body centre of gravity, strengthening the body control,integrated transfer strength and prevent damage, and other effects. With the improvement ofthe quality of life, people pay more attention to the quality of life, and tennis as elegant sportswill be getting attention. Tennis movement is the world’s second-big ball games, pregnantdevelopment in Europe and the United States, spread to Asia. In China, especially when Li Nain tennis won the encouraging result, tennis attention rate increased rapidly. However in orderto tennis achieve outstanding result; we need from the sport of tennis technology level andfitness level to study. Tennis sport is netting against the project technology is the mostcomplicated one of competitive projects, it reflects the dominant class XiangQun skills theessential characteristics of, and reflects the characteristics of physical fitness dominant classXiangQun for athletes have a sprinter starting reaction and speed, is more gymnastsproprioception and clean action, including tennis serve for athletes win plays an importantrole.In tennis training and competition how to use core strength training makes tennis serve insuccess rate can improve on issues that need to be to discover and argumentation. In thispaper by using the method of literature, interview, questionnaire, comparative analysis,mathematical statistics method, experimental method, the men’s tennis athletes’ servicetraining to join the core strength training, through to the subjects before and after theexperiment tennis player serve special index, this paper make a comparative analysis of theexperimental results for data statistics and analysis, draw the following conclusion:1、This thesis through the experimental study concluded that: core strength training caneffectively promote tennis player speed quality and power quality of the development andimprove the stability of the body, so the tennis implementation core strength training, thetraining effect better than the general physical training.2、And the general physical training, compared to short-term core strength training ondevelopment tennis player not commonly used muscles strength quality advantage is not obvious.3、This experiment is the core strength training of the experimental group and normalcontrol group of physical stamina training relative ratio of the experimental research, no in theexperimental group training will core strength training and traditional strength training,combining the results obtained may not have with the combination of traditional strengthtraining effect is good. So in the later tennis teaching can combine traditional training onreasonable core strength training.4、Core strength training and cannot replace tennis player traditional strength training, itshould be the beneficial supplement of the traditional strength training, belong to athletesstrength training part..5、After the experiment tennis player special ability of the five indexes have differentdegrees of improvement, and appeared significant sexual differences, shows that continuous8weeks in training into core strength training, can improve the tennis player serve specialability, so the core strength training can effectively improve the success rate of tennis.
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