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Research On Countermeasures Of Brain Drain In West China’s Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2014-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330422953144Subject:Administrative Management
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In the era of knowledge economy, talents, especially high-level innovative talents, have alreadybecome the core elements of productivity development. In the long run, the competition amongdifferent countries and regions lieson talents’s competition. And so does it for universities. Now theWest China’s universities’ brain drain are the most serious because of the unbalanced development ofregional economy, the West China’s geography remote position and their poor original infrastructure.Among them, the young and middle-aged backbone teachers and the subject leaders account for mostof the proportion The brain drain in universities in western China not only troubles and influences theuniversities’ own development, but also influences the regional social and economic coordiatingdevelopment of the whole westen area.In view of this, this research deeply analysizes the brain drain’s basic and main causes on thebasis of this phenomenon and gives the general ideas on the development of regional humanresources ecological and corresponding countermeasures on retaining the talents in western Chinauniversities.This paper is divided into five parts. The first part introduces the social backgroud of seriousbrain drain in West China universities. It makes this research’s purpose and significance clear and putforward the specific study thoughts as well as the possible innovations.The second part tidies andexplains the relevant theories, especially gives a detailed explanation to the concepts and theoriesabout the human resources management in colleges and universities in order to provides a a solidtheoretical basis.The third part gives a overall analysis on West China universities’ brain drain. Then ittakes X universitie as an example.By literature analysis and the deep interview of its teachers, thispaper deeply understands X university’s situation of brain drain and generalizes the characteristics andinfluences of brain drain in universities of Western China.The fourth part makes a thorough analysison the internal and external causes of brain drain.The five part puts forward the countermeasures andsuggestions of retaining West China universities’ talents and constructing regional good humanresources ecology. For example, to create a favorable western micro social environment, migration ofnational policy system, putting universities’ management into human resource management systemand to create a harmonious campus culture,etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:western universities, brain drain, human resources management in colleges anduniversities, regional human resource ecology
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