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Thought Personal Character Discipline Teacher Training Curriculum Research

Posted on:2014-11-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Teacher training as teachers continue to an important way of education, tostrengthen the training of teachers, the teachers team construction, and promote theprofessional development of teachers and improve the comprehensive quality ofteachers themselves are playing a vital role in."National training plan" project aimsto play a "leading demonstration, timely assistance" and promote the reform ofteacher education role through focused support the Midwest, rural teachers training,and actively guide and encourage local improve teachers’ training system at all levels,especially to increase rural teacher training, which has an important effect on theconstruction of rural teachers in the west regions including Xinjiang. In the processof education curriculum setting to teachers, important factors will be the impact ofcontinuing education of teacher quality and teacher professional level. Through thispaper, tries to enrich and perfect "national training plan" teacher training theory,make up for the deficiency of teacher training curriculum in ethnic minority areas,constantly optimize the I District teacher training curriculum.In this paper, based on the theoretical foundation of teacher education andteacher professional development, starting from the analysis of the present situationof setting my area "national training plan" in the ideological and moral courseteachers training courses, curriculum research combing teachers in-service training.From the point of view of curriculum objectives, curriculum structure, curriculumcontent selection and organization, curriculum setting, the value orientation ofin-service teacher training, curriculum structure deviation proportion of inadequatecoordination of actual demand and the contents of the courses and teachers’ existencedifference problem, using the method of investigation and research, theory andpractice, the combination of analysis and synthesis, combined with the characteristicsof the studies and I just love and moral discipline, to explore and analyze theideological and moral education teacher training curriculum, the value orientation, toestablish the correct moral goal setting curriculum teaching training continues tooptimize the curriculum structure, and further improve the curriculum content isproposed, finally promote the professional the development of Ideological and moralcourse teachers, improve the effectiveness of teacher training, in-service training ofteachers for future curriculum provides some constructive countermeasures.Key Words: The cultivation plan, Teacher training, Curriculum provision...
Keywords/Search Tags:The cultivation plan, Teacher training, Curriculum provision
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