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The Study Of Community Sports Public Service Systemin Ningbo City

Posted on:2014-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330422965559Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Social sports is related to People’s Daily life, which is the guarantee of the national goodphysical quality and positive promoter, and is the important causes of relating to the national image,is the fundamental guarantee of our country from "sporting power" towards "sports power".TheState Council promulgated the "national economic and social development during the TwelfthFive-Year Plan" in2011, which putted forward the basic requirements of" gradually perfect accordwith national condition, more complete, covering both urban and rural areas, sustainable system ofbasic public service". Public service system of community sports become our country variousgovernment administrative body’s vital functions, which is the important component of socialsports. And it’s important goal is to achieve and maintain the community sports public interest,safeguard their rights and realized the aim of sports. The community sports obtain positive effectsunder the guidance of the relevant policy and legal laws and regulations, as well as in all levels ofgovernment and the sports administration’s efforts, but it also existed some problems such as site,funds, and personnel shortages and so on.Literature, interview, on-the-spot investigation, expert interview, mathematical statistics andlogic analysis and other research methods are employed in this study, combined with the publicservice system of community sports related theory, invested and analyzed the current situationofthe public service system of community sports in Ningbo city from the community sportsfacilities and services, community sports organization and management services, community sportsservice, community sports, community sports service information services and community sportsmonitoring service in6aspects. To analyze some problems of existing in the present situation ofthe public service system of community sports by using modern management theory and modernservice theory, on an objective description of community sports public service system in Ningbocity present situation and the characteristic of basis.(1)The number of the community sportsfacilities is shortage, it has low utilization rate and maintenance condition is also notgood;(2)Community organizations of the community sports activities in Ningbo city is slant little, and community sports organization degree is low;(3)There is type structural imbalance incommunity sports activity in Ningbo city;(4)The lack of guidance of the community sports service,and a single type of guiding the personnel training, and the situation is not ideal;(5)Communitysports information propaganda is not enough, and the modernization of propaganda is notoutstanding;(6)Physique monitoring activities is loss in community sports physique monitoringservice, and the effect is poor, and community can’t timely grasp the health situation of thecommunity residents.To put forward to perfect the public service system of community sports in Ningbo city thecountermeasures in response to the presence of the corresponding problem:(1)Increasing thenumber of sports facilities, reasonable planning of sports venues opening up, improved usingefficiency and cost savings; to establish the lasting effect mechanism of venues and facilitiesmaintenance, professional maintenance, update;(2)To perform the work of community sportsfunctions, actively carry out community sports activities; introduce incentive measures, encourageresidents to participate in community sports activities;(3)Recruitment employment guidance of thecommunity sports service, to ensure that the residents of sports scientific periodical; sports trainingand lectures, stimulate resident enthusiasm;(4)Increasing the number and proportion of communitysports activities, forming regularity activities; developing community sports content and form, toattract residents to participate in community sports;(5) Enrich the means of publicity, promotionaleffect stereo linkage; deepen the community sports network level, forming information integration;(6) Attention to the health status of residents in timely, formed the benign circulation of physiquemonitoring. There has certain practical significance for a comprehensive understanding ofcommunity sports public service system in Ningbo city characteristics, optimizing the structure ofpublic service system of community sports, improving community sports service systemmanagement and service level, to further deepen the community sports service system and thepublic service of sports.
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