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The Research On The Relationship Between Contribution Of Sports Environment And The Improvement Of Collage Students’ Fitness

Posted on:2014-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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1. ObjectiveFor a long time, school physical education in our country has been excluded from the student life. So it weakens their ability of doing sports over the course of their life and greatly hurts their enthusiasm. The School PE puts more emphasis on competitive sports, technology of sports and conditioning education. This fascination with high performance and its pursuit of reductionism has lead to a narrow focus on content of courses, structure, instructional mode and the uniformity and standardization of assessments too much. Sports fail to interact with life, this leads to many students failing to play sports after school, over weekends and vacations. This fails to reach the noble purpose of more effectively improving student’s physical fitness. This research discusses the Relationship between the Contribution of Sports Environment and the Improvement of Collage Students’Fitness. It makes college students understand the numerous benefits from doing sports. These ongoing benefits also make their lives more fruitful, healthy and a more rounded. Sports allow for greater integration and communication within student bodies which is lacking in our current technologically advanced age. A lifetime of sporting participation gives the student a multi-faceted gift that is with the individual of the course of his or her life.2. MethodsResearch is divided into three parts. First of all we study the basic theory of college sports culture domestically and internationally. Secondly we study the contribution of the environment on college sports culture. This includes information collecting, the establishment of health records, analysis of this evaluation, health interventions and dynamic tracking. Establishing a system of college health management, to foster college student’s concepts of sports by means of PE, after class sports activities, sports clubs, college health trails and lifestyle guide. Thirdly in applied research, we question200sophomores from Shanghai Institute of Technology and analysis the difference between the environments of2011and2012and the subsequent changes.3. ResultsWe established a positive atmosphere for campus health and sports into the student’s daily lives. An internet network system that utilizes software of nutrition and lifestyle testing has been development. The building of fitness trails got a preliminary effect as Student physique and body function significantly improved. In terms of height, there was no change in female students, although we measured a0.5cm increase in male students. There was however there is no significant difference in statistics through independent-samples T test. In terms of vital capacity, there is104.9ml increased in female and57.87ml in male. Both male and female showed significant difference (p<0.05). In terms of grip strength, female students increased5.8kg, meanwhile male students reduced0.5kg. There was still no significant difference in it. In terms of standing long jump, female students increased5.5cm, which was shown to be an extremely significant difference (p<0.01). The male students on the other hand increased5.8cm. This also showed a significant difference (p<0.05).4. ConclusionsThe integration of a positive atmosphere into the college campus health and sports system was a successful pursuit. The atmosphere towards Sports culture and sporting pursuits gradually improved and the Campus sports environment development significantly.The integration of College sports into the student daily life system was built and our tests produced results. This establishment of a healthy campus environment strengthened the awareness of the students towards sports.From2011to2012sophomore students’physique level has been improved, especially in physical functions. The results of vital capacity and step test have shown a significant improvement, thus we have surmised that physical fitness improved significantly. All of the above listed highlight that these show that the atmosphere does have a positive effect on the fitness of college students.
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