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Cultural Education And Development Countermeasures Of Athletes In China

Posted on:2014-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Our country athletics sports with the development of the times, has made many excellent achievements in this competitive world big stage, but at the same time, because of not some transformation measures when a lot of problems occur in the athlete’s culture and education. At the same time, although China has formulated a series of political measures to remedy effect of cultural education for athletes, and achieved good results, but the problem of culture and education has deeply influenced the athlete’s essence, which caused a lot of athletes in the society development ability is poor, this result, one aspect that affects the athletes in the society of value, on the other hand, affecting the sustainable development of sports in China Through the investigation, in-depth understanding of the system of education of elite athletes in our country and the actual situation, and according to the relevant foreign athlete’s culture education and political measures, put forward a lot of suggestions to improve the education of elite athletes in china. Research indicates that, although China has established a series of policies and measures on the athletes’ cultural education formed the mode of education of elite athletes, multi-level, diversified channels. Provides convenient at the same time on sports schools and teachers strength weak, lack of funds, lack of resources, the school sports economic market development is not perfect and the system is not perfect and so on to the athletes, results from a combination of education of elite athletes in our country is very difficult and society. To promote the healthy development of China’s sports undertakings and create a good domestic sport at the same time, China’s elite athletes have more opportunities to contribute to society.This paper uses the theory of social demand, such as the theory of sustainable development, put forward the development of education of elite athletes in China: Based on nine years of compulsory education as the center, ensure that the athlete’s culture and education quality of learning at the same time to lay a good foundation for the first; social demand to improve the athlete’s personal ability, at the same time the first sound system the formulation of elite athletes education policy culture, enable the player to enter the society and become useful Dongliangzhicai; establish occupation education and perfecting supervision, counseling, guidance for the integration, improve the athlete culture and education; the combination of China’s current social and economic development, promote the sports market economy, vigorously develop the occupation education, ways China’s elite athletes resume diversified; increase the intensity of management education, sports department, which provide good resources of the school and teachers as outstanding athletes.
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