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Study On The Application Of Optimization Theory In Colleges And Universities In The Teaching Of Chinese Wrestling

Posted on:2014-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425957419Subject:Physical Education and Training
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How to improve the teaching effect of college wrestling is very concerned about thepressing problem of the majority of teachers and students. Pakistan Urbanski teachingprocess optimization theory based on Marxism, dialectical materialism and modernscientific methods for the guidance of a systematic, optimization theory solve teachingproblems. Optimization theory is introduced into the wrestling teaching to enrichteaching theory content, more refinement, more comprehensive teaching theory.Optimization theory guiding role better wrestling teaching teaching effectiveness, topromote the popularity of wrestling in college or social. First college teaching as thebreakthrough point, the development of the Chinese-style wrestling, the promotion oftraditional ethnic sports, college Wushu reform has important theoretical and practicalsignificance.In this paper, the research methods of literature data, expert interviews, questionnaire,teaching experiment in the study based on the optimization theory and wrestlingteaching, analysis of the application of optimization theory thinking better guidancewrestling teaching, for wrestling Teaching the characteristics of the problem as well asproject teaching, implementation of the principles and strategies wrestling teachingteaching method, teaching content, teaching process, teaching management, teaching,from the overall analysis of the wrestling how to better improve the teaching effect,increase the students’ interest in learning wrestling improve the quality of teaching.The results showed that:1This article on teaching the concept of optimization theory study, analysis of theconnotation of optimization theory, teaching optimization theory refers to the teachingprocess in order to safeguard the quality of teaching, improve teaching effectiveness,make full use of the teaching and learning environment and influencing factors, areasonable teaching plans, select suitable teaching content, and using scientific teachingmethods of teaching the best results, methods and strategies of theory.2This article on Pakistan Urbanski teaching process optimization theory analysis andsummarized the implementation of the principles of teaching optimization theory. Itsmain principles, including the effect of the teaching process optimization and timestandard principle; comprehensive and systematic study of the teaching process,improve the quality of teaching principles; emphasis on the principles of teachingeffectiveness; great importance to the status and role of the principle of the students in the teaching process, and concerned about the students comprehensive developmentprinciples in the teaching process.3Chinese-style wrestling in PE elective teaching, including teaching purposes graspinaccurate, inadequate teaching content, teaching methods, and a single teachingevaluation. Optimization factors affect ordinary college teaching Chinese style wrestling,including teacher factors, student factors, teaching content, teaching methods, media,and other factors.4College Teaching of Chinese-style wrestling optimized content including the purposeof the task of teaching optimization, optimization of the teaching content and coursestructure optimization, optimization of teaching forms, teaching methods optimizeteaching organization in the form of preferred teaching methods optimization teachingevaluation optimization and other optimization5The optimization theory teaching empirical studies have shown that in theChinese-style wrestling, optimization theory has the obvious effect of teaching has animportant role in improving the quality of teaching in Chinese-style wrestling electiveteaching.
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