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The Study On Immunity Change Of Graeco-Roman Style Wrestling Athletes Before Games

Posted on:2012-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335478229Subject:Traditional sports
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Before games wrestling athletes often descend their weight to a certain degree to maintain a better competition state. Graeco-Roman style wrestling is held based on different levels of weights. Current researches have indicated that reducing weight has some impacts on immunity functions and physical abilities of athletes, which impairs their normal performance, and sometimes even makes physical injuries to them. Consequently, study and research on the effects of immunity indexes of athletes become very essential. The paper attempts to understand the characteristics of immunity change according to the analyses of indexes investigated before games and then help coaches find out evidences to make reasonable drill plan and how to make a reduction and provide nutrition.The paper investigated that before 2010 national tournament game, immunity change of ten Graeco-Roman style wrestling athletes from Shanxi Province. Experiments have been carried out to clarify the detailed conditions of immune cells. The above provide certain basis and evidence of reasonable reduction of weight.The result suggested:1. The ways those athletes adopted are reasonable and effective, which not only meets the requirements of reducing weight but saves the qualities of strength to a maximum extent.2. The amount of leukocyte and immunoglobulin of the athletes before games, IgG, IgA, IgM, belonged to normal range without distinctive difference. This indicated that the ways Shanxi Graeco-Roman style wrestling athletes have applied didn't have a harmful influence to immunity.3. There was an outstanding change in the amount of NK cells of those athletes, which showed weight loss made effects to NK cells in immune system.4. The number of T leukomonocyte cells has changed but this didn't show weight loss causes direct influence to the cells, but may relate with the item and training methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:Graeco-Roman style wrestling, weight reduction, immune cell, immunoglobulin
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