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Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Teachers’ Scientific Research Quality Of Primary And Secondary Schools In Hunan And Improve The Strategy Research

Posted on:2014-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, the masses of the education research in primary and secondary schools, has become the promotion of basic education development, promote the important pillar of Education Science prosperity. Schools and teachers are facing many problems in the new round of curriculum reform of basic education, but under the stress and challenges at the same time, also facing new development opportunities. The education scientific research provides the methods and ways to solve these problems, therefore, how to improve the quality of teachers has become the key to the development of education scientific research on education, it is also the bottleneck of teacher development. Based on this background, by using literature method, comparative method, investigation method and other methods of Hunan province of educational scientific research quality of.This thesis consists of four parts:The first part:introduction. Through the problem, defines the purpose and significance of the research, and then analyzed the dynamic research at home and abroad, and then expatiates the research contents, research ideas, research priorities, difficulties and innovation; and defines the relevant concepts.The second part:the investigation and Analysis on the present situation of Teacher Education Research of primary and secondary schools in Hunan. In this paper introduces the design and implementation of the survey, the questionnaire to fill in the basic situation of the teachers were analyzed, and then discusses the present situation of Teachers Education Research of primary and secondary schools in Hunan from two aspects of scientific research environment of teacher’s personal educational scientific research quality status and teachers outside. Analysis shows that:have become primary and middle schools in Hunan and more attention to education and scientific research, the majority of primary and secondary school teachers engaged in educational and research activities in the study of consciousness strengthens gradually, behavior in the process of education and teaching in the growing.The third part:analysis of the problems and causes the quality of Teachers Education Research of primary and middle schools in Hunan province. From the individual level and education level were discussed the existing problems of Teacher Education Research of primary and middle schools in Hunan Province, investigate its reason, is mainly from the education scientific research significance, lack of awareness of teachers’ scientific research quality is not high as a whole, education management department organization guiding power three aspects to analysis.The fourth part:the quality of Teachers Education Science in primary and secondary schools in Hunan province to improve strategy. According to the existing primary and secondary school teachers in Hunan education and scientific research quality and the problems in the analysis of its causes, and proposed to fully understand the significance of education scientific research, improve the quality of educational science research, efforts to strengthen the education and management guidance three aspects to enhance the combination.
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