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Supply And Demand Suitability Of Family Planning Services For Migrant Worker

Posted on:2015-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As basic national policy in China,"Family Planning" is being implemented till now, which has received great achievement. In the past thirty years, fertility rate of China met a significant change, while family planning work is always meeting with repulsions, which especially from floating population. With reform, opening up and economic development, floating population is surging quickly. Thinking of the features of floating population, it brings family planning work a lot of challenges. During "the Twelfth Five-year", service equalization of floating population becomes main direction of future development, and it expanded all round the country. Shanghai, as one of the pioneers in Family Planning, also responds actively to the appeal, and carries out service equalization.This thesis was written under the family planning service equalization background. Taking Community N of Pudong New Area as example, through literature collection and field visiting, the thesis is based on supply and demand in order to explore problems and defaults of family planning service. Using Sarah’s service suitability theory for reference, the author carefully research supply and demand of family planning service of floating people living in community N, and give an analysis on the supply and demand relation. The thesis focuses on analyze the current service on supply and demand relation from three aspect:comments relativity, approach compatibility and service accessibility. Through which the author looks forward to providing suggestions to accelerate the equalization of family planning service, and accomplish the long-term policy decision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Migrant worker, Floating population, Family planning service, Supply andDemand Suitability
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