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A Study On5E Model Of Inquiry Learning In Teaching Of English Reading In Senior High School

Posted on:2015-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Among the five skills of English learning, reading plays a very pivotal role. Theimprovement of ability of learner’s English reading is what the educators keep on devotingto. It is necessary to lead students to probe the answers autonomously and initiatively to thequestions in the English reading class by changing the situation of receiving knowledgepassively in the traditional English reading class.In the early19thcentury, J. J. Rousseau proposed the thought of inquiry---the humaninherent desire, since then, more and more scholars began to focus on inquiry learning.Inquiry learning is a way of acquiring knowledge through the process of inquiry. It notonly changes the way of students’ learning, but also the way of teachers’ teaching. Thereare many models in inquiry learning, the5E model in English reading teaching, as one ofthem, includes five stages: engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, evaluation,with the advantages of clear and definite procedures and objectives.In the process of implication of5E model of inquiry learning to English reading classin senior high schools, the writer aims to help students master reading skill and improvetheir reading ability by means of motivating students’ interests of English reading,cultivating their ability of solving and inquiring problems independently. This study tries toprove the following two hypotheses.First, the students’ English reading interests can be improved by5E model of inquirylearning.Second,5E model of inquiry learning is efficient to improve students’ English readingability.114students of Senior One in NO.1Senior High School of Jinzhou, LiaoningProvince were chosen to participate in the study as subjects. The two classes included114students were regarded as experimental class and control class. In the period of fourmonths of experiment, the experimental class was taught with5E model of inquiry learningmethod while the control class was also taught with traditional English reading teachingmethod. The teacher gave out questionnaires and conducted pre-test and post-test. Theresults of the experiment were analyzed by SPSS11.4.The results proved that the5E model of inquiry learning could enhance students’reading interests and reading confidence; it also could help students inquire knowledgepositively and autonomously and improved their achievements of English reading. Thus, the study on5E model of inquiry learning in teaching of English reading in senior highschool is effective and feasible.
Keywords/Search Tags:5E model of inquiry learning, autonomous, positive, interest, Englishreading teaching, senior high school
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