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SWOT Analysis Of The Development Of Professional Football In China In The Context Of Globalization

Posted on:2014-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428477818Subject:Operation of sporting events
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With the continuous progress of the reform and opening up,our professional football have achieved great development in nearly20years since our football began the professional development, and the direction of the development of our professional football is right though there are many problems in the process of reform and development of Chinese football career, is in line with the laws of football development.In this paper, we use SWOT analysis, comparative analysis and documentation method to research and analysis the macro factors and the micro factors that affecting the development of professional football in China,and we concluded:there are " three advantages"," four disadvantages","four opportunities "," three challenges" with the development of our professional football:"three advantages":In our country, football has good development potential; The market demand of audience of professional football in China in the future has great space; The rapid development and adequate power of the domestic professional football club in China."four weaknesses":The management system of our professional football lags behind, did not give full play to the regulatory role of the market mechanism; The lack of relevant laws and regulations in the football field; The improper construction of the professional league and the improper management of club team, and lack of market development; The lack of professional football talent as well as the imperfect personnel training system."four opportunities ":A stable political environment and the great government attention in sports; An increase of people’s enthusiasm for investment in sports and the good economic environment; The increase of People fitness awareness and changing the way people live; A higher level of competitive sports and the rapid development of the sports industry."three challenges":The imperfect and sound legal environment; The lack of motivation and innovative of technological environment; The out of touch between mass sports, school sports and professional sports, unable to play the role of training sports talent for professional sports.Use the SWOT analysis to meta-analysis the "two advantages""five disadvantages""four opportunities "" three challenges" of the development of our professional football, made the following recommendations:1. Seize this fleeting opportunities for political reform, reform of professional football management system, establish a sound legal and regulatory system, scientific and rational management of Chinese football in accordance with the law.2. Play the good potential of football in our country, implanted the football training into the school and community, give full play to the strengths of the school and society resources, improving the single football training model.3. Seize the opportunity of the rapid development of China’s sports industry, the changing of the way people live and the increased enthusiasm for sports investment to increase the professional league team’s management and market development. Through this study, analyzed the various factors that affecting the development of professional football in china, provided a theoretical reference and practical significance for the Development and Reform of Chinese Professional Football.
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