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Research On The Local Normal University Students’Comprehensive Quality Evaluation

Posted on:2015-02-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428478198Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The purpose of the Normal University students’ comprehensive quality evaluation is tomake students realize their mistakes and to promote the development of the students, andimprove the teaching quality of normal universities, make college education meet the socialdemand, thus to reduce the gap between the quality of university graduates and social needs.Basically all of the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation is carried out for local normaluniversities, established a relatively complete evaluation system, but there are still manyproblems. The comprehensive quality evaluation of normal universities students emphasis onthe screening and selection function, neglect of incentive and developmental function; Toomuch emphasis on the evaluation results, ignoring the evaluation process; Too much emphasison the evaluation of academic achievement, ignoring the comprehensive quality evaluation,and so on. The most prominent problem is that there is no contact with social units of choosesand employees, as well as the evaluation of this special group of college students. As the mainsource of future teachers, the student should be guided to improve teachers’ professionalquality from the beginning. And local normal universities has long been behind closed doors,according to the consistent standard and method to evaluate students, not listen to theopinions of the college students and the general unit of choose and employ persons, and leadto the students lack of subjectivity, and graduates can’t satisfy the requirement of unit ofchoose and employ persons. As the employment pressure increases, and the improvement oftalent, perfect for local normal university students overall quality appraisal is imminent.Normal university students’ comprehensive quality evaluation means appraisal mainbody using a certain method to evaluate the ability of normal university students’ physiqueand to help students to understand their own shortcomings, so as to promote the developmentof students. Through to the Hebei province normal university students’ and teachers’interviews and related literature review, to understand the current local normal universitystudents’ comprehensive quality evaluation of the status quo, the main purpose of theevaluation is still to select, and to provide information for student awards’ recommendation,mainly by a teacher and some students represent as the main evaluation subject. The content is their studies, also including the ideological and moral quality, physical quality and ability,mainly use the method of quantitative evaluation, only the end of the semester or theacademic year end, and after the evaluation feedback can be nominal. A lot of problems inlocal normal university students’ comprehensive quality evaluation: shortage of evaluationmain body, students in a passive position; Evaluation content is not comprehensive,unreasonable structure; Unreasonable evaluation organization, opaque; Evaluation resultspresent a single, use not comprehensive, lack of feedback, etc. Analysis its reason mainly isabout the concept of students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, the college internalmanagement system is poor, the gap of the university with the unit of choose and employpersons is lack.Because the main body, content, organization, and the results of the currentlocal normal university students’ comprehensive quality evaluation are decided by normaluniversities teachers, did not consult the opinions of the students and, so it is necessary toinvestigate students and unit of choose and employ persons about the main body of students’comprehensive quality, content, organization, and the results. In order to improve localnormal university students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, the intentions of this survey onnormal university students of Hebei province and unit of choose and employ persons byquestionnaire, such as teachers of primary and secondary schools and education organizationshas carried on the interview investigation, mainly in the evaluation of the main body, content,method and organization as well as the results of present investigation and feedback, etc. Thatask them for the intention of normal university students’ comprehensive quality evaluation.According to comb the comprehensive quality evaluation of the problems and causes,combined with the intention of local normal university students and unit of choose andemploy persons, give effective suggestions to develop normal university students’comprehensive quality evaluation, improve the preparatory work of the normal universitystudents’ comprehensive quality evaluation: update the concept of comprehensive qualityevaluation, establishing scientific evaluation standard, to the relevant personnel to carry outthe corresponding training. To strengthen normal university students’ comprehensive qualityevaluation process supervision: pay attention to multiple main body participation, payattention to the comprehensive and targeted evaluation content, pay attention to the diversityof evaluation methods; Reasonable to present the results of the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation: select good evaluation results of the present approach, the use of theevaluation results reflect incentive, etc.
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