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The Evolution And Reflection Of Research On Curriculum Implementation For Compulsory Eduction In China Since1978

Posted on:2015-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Curriculum implementation, the process of putting curriculum plans and schemes into effect, is of crucial importance in the curriculum reform. Since the sixties and seventies of last century, curriculum implementation has drawn a great attention and become one of research’s key issues. Since China’s reform and opening up, the academia made many studies on this from different perspectives and have achieved great successes. But there have been short of systemic research on the development and changes and relevant information of this of obligatory education. So the study reviewed the relevant literatures and analyzed the changes and development trends of basic educational reform and the research venation of curriculum implementation from1978to2013(to make the writing more simple, call "since China’s reform and opening up" for short below) by the content analysis method. And on the basis the study makes an analysis on various existing problems during this period and their good experience to promote the future reform.Besides the preface, the whole dissertation has been divided into four chapters.The introduction elaborates about the proposed basis for this issue, concept defined, the reasons, the research significance, the existing literature study, research methods and ideas and the research of heavy, difficult and innovative points.First sector of text discuss the early stage (1978-1991) of researches into implementation of curriculum of compulsory education. In this period, our learners were going to focus on western theories related to this, which include introduction of the researches all over the world and had a primary discussion on the literature review of the influential factors.Second sector of text discuss the developmental stage (1992-2000) of it. our learners mainly introduced and investigated the basic theory in other countries in this period and has carried on the exploration of the field of activity curriculum implementation in our country deeply, etc.Third sector of text discuss something about the prosperous time of the compulsory education curriculum implementation in China from2001to the present (2013). During that time, the academic circles and educational circles studied and explored on the theory and practice of the compulsory education curriculum implementation in different points of view. It concluded the reference from the elementary theory of foreign countries’ implementation of curriculum and the study on national culture, the study on three dimensional subjects(teachers, headmasters and students), the study on the curriculum implementation, the study on the integrated practical activity curriculum implementation, the study on the school-based curriculum implementation and so on.Fourth sector of text discuss integrally rethinks the development and changes of the study on compulsory education curriculum implementation since China’s reform and opening up, and proactively thinks about relevant issues. At first, according to the article, the characteristics of the compulsory education curriculum in our country are as follows:the characteristics of the curriculum implementation research topic evolution; the characteristics of the curriculum implementation paper quantity statistics. Characteristics of the evolution of the curriculum implementation research topics include:curriculum policy guidance; draw lessons from foreign to local turned to the study. The characteristics of the curriculum implementation paper quantity statistics from the quantity, research contents, research methods, the researchers analyze. Second, the article puts forward the reflection of compulsory education curriculum implementation research in our country. The reflection are as follows:Curriculum implementation research turns to serve the curriculum reform more closely; expand the research team of the curriculum implementation; More efforts and research work are needed to strengthen the relative weak research; overcome the phenomenon which pays attention to theories, and makes light of practice; provide diverse perspectives for research and the diversity of research methods. At last, the article thinks about the relevant issues on promoting the compulsory education curriculum implementation in our country and makes some suggestions:to promote diversified curriculum implementation strategies and modes; to strengthen the development and utilization of curriculum resources; to construct the good school culture environment, to attach great importance to the training of teachers and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:compulsory education, research of curriculum implementation, transmutation, reflection
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