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On Talent Cultivation Program Of Sports Services And Management Speciality In P.E Vocational Colleges During "China’s12Th Five-year Plan" Period

Posted on:2015-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428971664Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Along with our country economy development mode change, the adjustment of industrial structure, a line of prominent positions, the subject of vocational education into social and economic development, one of the main topic of this makes vocational education development in our country and the concern of the society, also provided a historical opportunity for China’s vocational education development environment. Countries in recent years, increased the investment of vocational education, strive to solve the frontline positions talent shortage situation, the service and management of physical education major is one of an organic part of vocational education, its development situation is good or bad will also affect the quality of the development of relevant industries, the sports industry is a sunrise industry in the future, need a lot of a line of high-quality skilled professional personnel to guaranteed the rapid development, therefore, the starting point is the present, to the cultivation of higher vocational college sports service and management professionals to system research, explore its and sports industry development and adapt to changing social and economic development needs of talent training model, Preliminary build a substantial paradigm of course, when the talent training scheme is designed for the schools to provide a specific reference to the development of our country sports industry and related industries to provide talent support, as to optimize the development of sports service and management professional theoretical and empirical basis. This study using the method of documentary, investigation, mathematical statistics, logic analysis and other research methods, the study found that:(1) the current social sports service and management of professional talents in higher vocational characteristics of social demand is high, a line of strong practice ability of applied professional talents.(2) at present our country’s higher vocational colleges and universities sports service and management pattern of professional talents cultivation target is skilled talents, cultivating talents and inter-disciplinary talent is complementary, and applied talents play an important role in it, and show the diversification of higher vocational sports service and management talents in China, to some extent to meet the current social demand for the diversification of sports service and management professionals, also reflects our country’s higher vocational sports colleges and universities sports services in the training of management personnel, there are certain thinking and actively to adjust the talent training.(3) the current sports service and management of specialized courses in general accord with the law of the development trend of contemporary education, some schools only in hours, credit and set of required courses, elective courses in large. Most schools is adjust the curriculum according to market demand, but with the rapidly changing market demand shows some lag.(4) the sports service and management professional talent training goal is adjusted for:training to master the specialized theory knowledge and skills, sports related enterprise service, management, and management ability, can in the sports industry and the related department is engaged in the service, marketing, management, planning and management of a line of work skills applied professional talents with high quality.(5) the present set up sports service and management of professional courses need to consider the following aspects:the curriculum to highlight the characteristics of vocational education, professional education as the basic guide; Actively adapt to the contemporary education development trend, to adjust the proportion of the compulsory courses and elective course, decrease the required ratio, increase the proportion of elective courses, in order to satisfy and adapt to the development of contemporary social diversity talent needs; Optimizing the curriculum structure, scientific design of curriculum structure, selection of main courses, strengthen the practice and application of curriculum; Links up tightly with market demand, set the curriculum system of dynamic, changing to adapt to the contemporary society development; Attaches great importance to the comprehensive training students’practical abilities, analysis the practice of the multi-dimensional form, increase students’vocational skills practice time to ensure students’ practical ability and strengthen, recommended practice time not less than1year.
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