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Method The Study Of Ideological And Political Course Teaching

Posted on:2015-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428973886Subject:Subject teaching
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Teaches the law to use early as the teacher, applies the broadest teaching method, it has theunshakeable status in the thought politics classroom instruction.But reforms under thebackground in today elementary education curriculum, teaches method the growth and thedevelopment and the new teaching idea have had the inevitable conflict, and receives thewidespread responsibility.The author attempts by to reform by the new curriculum lasts ageneration of background, take own teaching practice as the practice foundation, take solvesteaches the question which the law meets as the starting point, comes to study the thoughtpolitical lesson to teach the law systematically.First part, reconsidering: The thought political lesson teaches method malpractice.First,“teaches” and the student from the teacher “study” two aspects, elaborated the thought politicallesson teaches the law malpractice the existence, next, teaches the law malpractice from thethought political lesson the consequence four aspects to carry on elaborated: The student studiesthe independency is not strong; The student studies the enthusiasm is not high; The studentstudies the dynamic are not many; The student studies the creativity is insufficient.The second part, tracks down: The thought political lesson teaches method rationality.Thispart mainly carries on from following four aspects elaborated that,Is advantageous in the teacherleading role full display; Is advantageous in the classroom knowledge system system instruction;Is advantageous in the classroom instruction process effective regulation; Is advantageous in theclassroom instruction resources reasonable use.The third part, searches analyzes: The thought political lesson teaches methodinnovation.Author the instructive which teaches from the attention, the zetetic which theattention teaches, the situation which the attention teaches, the attention teaches significant, theattention teaches the experience four aspects proposed some feasible measure.
Keywords/Search Tags:The ideological and Political Course, Senior high school students, Teachingmethod, Innovation
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