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Study On Construction And Application Of The Teaching Resources Based On Information Technology Of Vocational Education Center At County Level

Posted on:2015-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q J FangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2267330428978208Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Vocational education center at county level is an important part of China vocationaleducation, is an important force in rural vocational education. Its development plays great rolein solving the “three rural issues”, narrowing the the gap of urban and rural areas, andcultivating modern professional farmers. There is an urgent need to improve the educationquality of vocational education center at county level, how to seize the opportunity of therapid development of education informationization, strengthening the ability of informationtechnology to support the reform and development of the vocational education, usingadvanced education technology to improve traditional pedagogy, using educationinformationization to promote education modernization, that’s an important topic. And theinformationization development is based on construction and application of the high qualityresources. So it’s particularly important to research construction and application of theteaching resources on information technology of vocational education center at country level.At first, the author discusses the background, the significance and the relevant conceptsof the research, reviews the current results of research that have been done. And then drawsforth the significance of construction and application of the teaching resources on informationtechnology of the vocational education center at county level, analyses the theoretical basis,the relevant factors, and discusses the necessity and urgency. On the basis of theoreticalanalysis, this research takes Hebei province as an example to investigate, try to analyze thecurrent situation of construction and application the teaching resources on informationtechnology of the vocational education center at county level comprehensively. The researchtakes managers, teachers, and students of8county vocational education centers in Hebeiprovince as an example, using the method of combining the questionnaire survey and theinterview survey. Through the data statistics and analysis, we analyze the current situation,the existing problems and the reasons. Finally, we gives suggestions on four aspects:perfecting the system construction, strengthen the standard management. Increasinginvestment, improve investment efficiency. Integrate high quality resources, enhance resourcesharing. Enhance training effectiveness; promote teachers’ information technologyapplication.
Keywords/Search Tags:the vocational education center at county level, teaching resources, informationization
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