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Study On The Practical Training Base Construction Of County-level Vocational Education Center

Posted on:2017-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S F YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330482980269Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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This paper is to discuss the practical training base construction of county-level vocational education center. County-level vocational education center is an important part of secondary vocational education in China, which is also the mainstay of rural vocational education. Its healthy development pays an important role in constructing rural areas and cultivating modern professional farmers. In recent years, the development of county-level vocational education center in China causes more and more attention from society and education department. The scale of the school expends gradually. The creative majors which can promote vocational education are constantly developed. The employment path of the students extends gradually. All of these phenomenons show that vocational education features are leisurely formed. On this basis, how to provide the hardware facilities support for county-level vocational education center has become an important question. As hardware support of vocational education schools, the practical training base construction plays an crucial role in cultivating the students’practical ability and promoting the development of vocational education. It can combine the forefront science technology and practical production together which could provide strong support for training various kinds of technical personnel. Since vocational education are closely noticed, with the help of all sectors from society, the practical training base construction of county-level vocational education center has made phased achievements than before. However, under the background of improving the quality of vocational education and constructing new socialist countryside, the current situation of practical training base construction is still can not meet the needs of cultivating high technology personnel. Therefore, it’s imperative to strengthen the practical training base construction of county-level vocational education center. Moreover, it’s significant to do research on this task.First of all, the author discusses the background and significance of the research, defines the relevant conceptions like county-level vocational education center,training, practical training base, analyses and states the current results of research that have been done in China and abroad. Then, the author introduces the functions and kinds of the practical training base in county-level vocational education center and the significance of the construction. On this basis, the research takes Shijiazhuang of Hebei Province as an example to investigate, choosing some county-level vocational education centers. In the process of the investigation, the author makes interview survey to the headmasters and questionnaire survey to the professional teachers and students, trying to inquire the current situation of the practical training base construction of county-level vocational education center, analysis the existing problems and the reasons. At last, to solve the problems, we give suggestion on six aspects:the government should play a leading role to promote actively in practical training base construction; increasing investment further more, use the funds scientifically and reasonably; developing school-enterprise cooperation deeply, completely eradicate the formal and superficial cooperation; improve the facilities use rate and students’practical ability; improving teacher team construction, strengthen teachers’vocational training ability, constructing powerful-function practical training base in multiple channel, make the practical training base construction comprehensive.
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